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Expand Your Appraising Skillset and Declare Your Specialty

To advance to the ISA Accredited Member level, appraisers must declare a specialty and demonstrate proficiency. This can be accomplished through the successful completion of either the ISA Appraisal of Fine Art course or the Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts course, or by submitting a specialty and advanced studies application for those specialties outside of these two topic areas. 

The purpose of our specialty studies courses is to provide the appraiser with a solid foundation of knowledge upon which they can continue to grow. The material provides a broad overview of the subject matter that each student must build upon through their own rigorous self-study and continuing education. Such study should be a lifelong project for any dedicated appraiser.

Regardless of the subject, there are commonalities that apply to the appraisal profession as a whole:

• Terminology and vocabulary
• Proper identification – epochs, styles, artists and artworks
• Describing and documenting items
• Research techniques and resources particular to the field

These courses not only strengthen identification and knowledge, but it also marry that expertise with the construction of a solid appraisal. The courses culminate with a written report, reviewed by an expert instructor, to hone your ability to provide a solid appraisal to your clients. The courses build upon the foundational concepts learned in the Core Course in Appraisal Studies, grounding them in your area of expertise to give a comprehensive understanding of the appraisal profession.

Whether taught in person or via distance education, an instructor-led presentation goes over every aspect of the profession. Distance education students have a designated instructor who is ready to answer questions and help you succeed. Assignments and quizzes help solidify your learning, and a rigorous, proctored final exam ensures that the contents of the course have provided the best foundation for continued appraisal excellence.

Appraisal of Fine Art

Appraisal of Fine Art

The Fine Arts course reviews four major fine art categories: painting, sculpture, prints, and photography. It begins with a brief history of Western art and uses that foundation to dive into the particulars of each category. Topics such as watermarks on paper, materials used in sculpture, layers of a painting, and even the frames themselves are touched on. Most importantly, the art of appraisal writing within the world of fine art is presented.

Price: $1,500 members, $1,700 nonmembers

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Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts

Antiques Furnishings and Decorative Arts

The Antiques, Furnishings, and Decorative Arts course addresses the major categories of the most commonly encountered items in a typical estate. It is composed of the following sections: Furniture, Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Toys, Dolls, Vintage Fashions, Household Contents, Oriental Rugs, Textiles, Musical Instruments, Clocks, Books, Prints, and an Orientalia section.

Price: $1,500 members, $1,700 nonmembers

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