ISA Private Client Services

The ISA Private Client Services program is intended to educate ISA appraisers who wish to work with high-net-worth clients and their collections. Participants will learn best practices and how to work with the gatekeepers specializing in Private Client Services.

ISA Private Client Services education is open to all members. After completing the Appraising in the World of High-Net-Worth Individuals seminar and meeting certain requirements, ISA appraisers can apply to promote their affiliation with the Private Client Services program.

Appraising in the World of High-Net-Worth Individuals Webinar Series

Originally presented as a live two-day seminar, Appraising in the World of High-Net-Worth Individuals: Developing Skills, Relationships and Assignments is now available as a self-paced 10-part webinar series.

In this series, you'll meet the lawyers, investment advisors, curatorial staff, insurance brokers, conservators, handlers and storage professionals who specialize in Private Client Services and learn how you can become invaluable to this specialized group.

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Diminution of Value Webinar Series

Diminution of Value (DoV) is a type of valuation that is frequently requested but can be difficult to navigate for many working in the appraisal field. The four-part on-demand Diminution of Value Webinar Series will teach you how to communicate with professionals involved in investigating damage and repairing or restoring items. You'll also learn how to avoid legal issues and write a DoV appraisal report that meets the needs of the insurance industry.

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Private Client Services Affiliation

While not a certification, ISA appraisers can apply use the ISA Private Client Services affiliation to promote this service in their appraisal practices.

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Blog Post: Announcing ISA's Private Client Services Program

Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP, introduces the ISA Private Client Services program and explains how it can help appraisers expand their client base.

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