Accredited Member Level

Accredited Member Credential: ISA AM

An Accredited Member of ISA has achieved the designation of "qualified appraiser" as defined by the Appraiser Qualifications Board of the Appraisal Foundation. Accredited Members have declared a specialty and demonstrate significant, appraisal-related experience in that specialty.

Two Pathways to Accredited Member Level

Depending on your area of specialty and degree of knowledge on that specialty, you can apply for the Accredited Member credential via two pathways.  

Pathway 1: Successful Completion of an ISA Specialty Studies Course

  1. Complete either the ISA Appraisal of Fine Arts course or the Appraisal of Antiques, Furnishing + Decorative Arts Course
  2. Once complete, you will automatically be placed in the Accredited Member application process and provided next steps


Pathway 2: Demonstrate Essential Methodology Knowledge in Specialty 

  1. Complete and submit the Accredited Member application with accompanying fee
  2. Provide documentation of successful completion of an ISA-approved methodology course of study (graduate degree in field of concentration, certificate of completion from a recognized ISA-approved continuing education or vocational program, etc.).


Additional Requirements for Accredited Member Level

  1. Satisfy all Member-level requirements.
  2. Complete 700 hours of appraisal-related experience
  3. Submit an Insurance Appraisal including five items in the chosen specialty within 45 days of course completion or approval of application.
  4. Provide proof of 30 semester hours from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university.

Once you are an Accredited Member

  • May use the ISA AM designation on printed materials, with or without the ISA logo. Must include ISA AM followed by ISA Accredited Member under your signature line.
  • Officially considered a "qualified appraiser" as defined by the Appraisers Qualification Board. 

Continuing Education Requirements

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