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Member Credential: ISA

To earn the ISA credential, candidates for membership must complete core ISA training in appraisal theory, methodology, ethics, and report-writing standards and then maintain their credential through requalification. 

How to become a Member

  1. Apply for ISA membership and obtain approval. Candidates for Membership must reach the ISA Member level within three (3) years or will be dropped from the membership.
  2. Complete the ISA Core Course in Appraisal Studies or equivalent course of appraisal study approved by the ISA
  3. Complete the personal property 15-Hour USPAP Course. If you choose to take the personal property USPAP course through an organization other than ISA, please confirm with ISA that the organization is an approved provider before registering for the course. 

Once you are a Member

  • You may add the ISA credential to your name, followed by "Member of the International Society of Appraisers"
  • You will appear on the Find an ISA Member online directory, the #1 resource for consumers searching for personal property appraisers

Requirements of ISA Member Level

  • You have three years to advance to the ISA Accredited Member level, after which, if you have not earned your AM designation, you will revert back to the Candidate level of membership. 
  • Every two-year cycle, complete updated 7-Hour USPAP Course
  • Every five years, complete requalification process


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