Requalification Courses

Maintain your credentials

ISA members at the Member, Accredited, and Certified membership levels need to complete the Requalification Process every five years, which includes the successful completion of the ISA Requalification Course. 

ISA Requalification Course

To be completed every five years, the ISA Requalification Course offers a review of ISA's Appraisal Standards, covering significant changes to the ISA Core Course Manual, IRS regulations, and insurance industry standards.

  • Required for requalification every five years 
  • Provides current guidelines, checklists, and forms helpful for every member
  • Course available as three-day, live online course or as two-day, in-person classroom setting experience

Price: $585 members only


For Members

To find out your Requalification deadline, log in and look in the Credentialing Requirements section under Manage Your Profile.

ISA Requalification Process Details

Completing the Requalification process requires four components:

  1. Successful completion of a Requalification course.
  2. Completion of a pre-course assignment involving the submission of an appraisal report done for a Federal function (donation, estate, gift or casualty loss) on three items. Details for this assignment will be included with your receipt. 
  3. Submission of your completed Requalification Packet within 45 days of completing the Requalification course to ISA via or fax 312.265.2908.
  4. A current USPAP certificate on file with ISA.