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2023 - Assets Conference The Complete Bundle
$450.00 Annual Conference

This bundle contains 17 hours of fascinating presentations given at the 2023 Assets Conference - New Frontiers. 

2023 Assets - Appraising Design: A Style Driven Market
$35.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

There have always been passionate collectors of design, who have shaped the market for 20th century and contemporary furniture and objects. In today’s market, those collectors are joined by an ever-broadening mix of interior designers, enthusiasts and personal decorators, leading to an increasingly strong yet malleable marketplace. How has this affected values, and how can values be understood with this in mind.

Biography: Brent Lewis is an art and design specialist based in Los Angeles and the director of design for Heritage Auctions. He has spent over twenty years in the auction business, working with both East and West Coast firms as a specialist and auctioneer. In his role at Heritage, Brent oversees the department of 20th Century and Contemporary Design, focusing on building Heritage’s market in mid-century and postwar design.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Current Market Disrupters
$35.00 Annual Conference

From soup-throwing protesters and changing repatriation norms to digital artists braving the crypto winter and looters sacking war-torn Ukraine, we'll unpack some of the biggest forces upending the art world today--and look at which institutions and markets are poised to churn next.

Kelly Crow is a staff reporter covering the art market for The Wall Street Journal. She reports on sales at auction houses including Sotheby’s and Christie’s as well as analyzes the funding and art-buying activities of the world’s major museums, art fairs, artists and collectors around the world. Kelly has covered the art market for the Journal since 2006. She won a Front Page Award from the Newswomen's Club of New York in 2009 for her profile of an FBI officer who recovers stolen art and a Deadline Club Award for Arts Reporting in 2021 from the New York chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for her coverage of the digital-art boom.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Evolution, Innovation, and Market Realities of Contemporary Glass
$35.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

This presentation will give a brief history of the development of studio glass internationally, the artists who have made the greatest contributions and an examination of the market today.

Presented by Ferdinand Hampson. Mr. Hampson has lectured on the subject of contemporary glass extensively in Europe, Asia and the North America and has written numerous magazine articles and catalogues on the subject. Through Habatat Galleries he has published the largest body of work on Studio Glass in the world.  For over 40 years Mr. Hampson has been a consultant to many appraisers in the field of studio glass, before forming his own company. He has evaluated many of the noted glass collection in the U.S. and continues to act as a consultant to auction houses.

The presentation is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Frauds & Forgeries: Considerations for Appraisers Dealing with Art and Cultural Property
$35.00 Annual Conference

Appraisers evaluating fine art and cultural property may encounter forgeries and fraudulent activity pursuant to their work. How such situations are handled may have significant implications for all parties involved. This presentation will help to contextualize a range of possible scenarios--from negligent behavior to criminal conduct--and suggest methods and practices enabling proper and ethical responses for appraisers. This presentation will also highlight the mission and capabilities of the FBI Art Crime Team and provide additional art crime-related information that may benefit conference attendees. 

Jake Archer is a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is assigned to the Philadelphia Division. SA Archer is a member of both the FBI's Art Crime Team and Evidence Response Team. SA Archer conducts art and cultural property-related investigations, repatriations, and training domestically and internationally. Prior to his service with the FBI, SA Archer was an associate attorney with a private law firm in New Jersey. SA Archer earned a law degree from Seton Hall University School of Law and a master’s degree in Art History - Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies from Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, SA Archer interned at the conservation laboratory at the Princeton University Art Museum and authored a thesis about the development of care for art and artifacts subjected to the law enforcement process. SA Archer is a member of the United States Cultural Heritage Coordinating Committee and Chair of its Technology Working Group, which is based in Washington, D.C. and coordinates diplomatic and law enforcement efforts to combat antiquities trafficking, disrupt trafficking networks, and protect against the looting and destruction of cultural property around the world.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - New Frontiers in Fine Art: Digital Art & NFTs
$35.00 Fine Art

Over the last decade, digital assets have become a greater and greater element of clients’ investment portfolios.  Non-fungible Tokens (“NFT”s) denote not just monetary value, but also very nonintuitive assets, such as fine art.  

 The magnitude of the rise in popularity of, and the values attributed to, digital art reached an unprecedented high early in 2021, with the sale of the digital work “Everydays: The First Thousand Days,” by the digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as “Beeple”.   At Christie’s “First Open” auction, the digital collage sold for $69,346,250.  This session will provide a brief introduction to digital art and its importance as an asset in the context of estate planning, charitable giving, and estate administration.  

Nelle is a Partner in the Austin office of Ytterberg Deery Knull LLP.  She works with individual clients on all aspects of their estate, gift and income tax planning and personal legal matters.  In addition to working with clients to fine-tune their personal, charitable, and tax planning goals and put in place the appropriate documents to carry out those intentions in a tax-efficient way, she has advised on a broad range of matters, especially intergenerational wealth transfer using sophisticated approaches for a variety of assets ranging from traditional and alternative investments to residences, works of art, and business interests, including a major league sports team.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - People Don't Call A Picasso A Spanish Painting: Recontextualizing Indigenous Art of North America
$35.00 Annual Conference

Explore the history and development of collecting Native American/First Nations art. Specifically, it examines the market for such objects, the evolving theories and practices of collecting, and the shifting legal landscape, including considerations of natural resources, forgeries, repatriation, economic development, and tribal nations sovereignty.

Scott Hale is a third-generation art & wine curator, appraiser & advisor. Scott’s grandfather, Leonard Atkison, was a trading post and gallery owner, and Scott's mother, Cindy Hale, is a former museum curator, and as some of you may remember, was a long-time ISA appraiser, (who is now enjoying her retirement in Santa Fe).

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Primary and Auction Markets: The Lines Once Defined are Now Blurred
$35.00 Fine Art

Rebekah Bowling will discuss the ultra-contemporary market, think wet paint promises and donations, and provenance-building pre-offering activities. The delicate relationships between artists, gallerists, and the auction house. ISA’s Isabelle Weise and Rebekah Bowling will have a back-and-forth discussion about these elusive super-contemporary markets that once fell across a definitive border of primary gallery sales versus auction sales, and that line has now blurred. The market activity of private sales and auction activity from 2020 to the present has seen multiple trend changes and with Bowling’s expertise and experience, she will talk us through this uncharted territory of the ultra-modern market.  Bowling will also highlight some of the market's hottest artists to watch today.

Rebekah Bowling is a Senior Specialist and Head of 21st Century Art in Phillips’ 20th Century & Contemporary Art Department.  During her tenure at Phillips, Rebekah has led fourteen day and mid-season sales, including the highest grossing Day Sale in Phillips’ history in November 2019. She was also responsible for handling the sale of Phillips’ first NFT – Mad Dog Jones’ Replicator, which realized over $4 million – and has continued to achieve strong results in this space. With expertise in the markets of emerging artists, she oversees the company’s auction and private sale strategy for works from this category. 

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - The 21st Century Auction House: Global Reach, Personal Touch
$35.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

An “insiders” view to the global versus regional auction marketplace. How the current drive to consolidation helps consignors and buyers worldwide. She will be touching on everything auction from clients to sales to our recent merger with Bonhams. 

Karen Keane is CEO of Bonhams Skinner, overseeing the operation of one of the world's leading auction houses, the largest in New England. She was instrumental in the establishment of Bonhams Skinner as a world-class auction gallery in Boston, as well as the company's expansion into specialty areas including Fine Musical Instruments, Science & Technology, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Fine Wines, and Judaica.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - The Jewelry of David Webb, An Auction and Archivist Perspective
$35.00 Gems & Jewelry

Dianne Batista has a unique perspective of David Webb jewelry for appraisers. Her experience at auction and as archivist at David Webb enable her to share a unique perspective. The history of Webb, his design stories, and David Webb at retail vs the second hand market will all be discussed.

Dianne Batista is Director of Jewelry and Watches and Sr. Specialist at Rago / Wright auction houses. Prior to joining Rago, she was an independent consultant working as Archive Manager at David Webb. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, she has held positions as a Senior Jewelry Specialist at Christie’s and later as a consultant. In the retail jewelry sector, she was the US Head of Dior Fine Jewelry and Cinta Jewelry Director at John Hardy. She has lectured extensively and appeared as an original jewelry expert on PBS's Antiques Roadshow. Find her on Instagram @nycdianne.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Tiffany and Co. Identification / Bird on a Rock: An Insiders Guide to Preparing a Blue Box Appraisal
$35.00 Gems & Jewelry

With the increasing amount of goods on the market from Tiffany and Co. it is important to understand what the company can do, will do, and will not do for merchandise that needs to be appraised. The company has taken the stance of not authenticating jewelry and holloware and under certain circumstances may provide a client with an appraisal. Since their services are limited, it behooves us to be able to recognize characteristics of these items in order to provide due diligence, accuracy, and confidence for your clientele. Tiffany and Co. is one of a few jewelers that insurance companies will accept purchase receipt information without formal outside evaluation. This is due to the diamond reports given at time of sale in reference to their ISO certified chain of custody and internal gem lab processes.

Lauren Kalman Abramowitz was born in New York and her accent can still be heard in several words even though she has been in Arizona since 1998.Her extensive jewelry career includes the opening of the Arizona locations of Tiffany & Company which include Scottsdale and Tucson. Within the 10 years of experience with Tiffany and Company, Lauren was an award-winning and Gallop poll recognized employee.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Translating Expertise to English
$35.00 Annual Conference

A mediator’s core skill set involves communicating complicated concepts on behalf of parties in a way that makes sense and moves a case forward.  Ms. Peterson will provide a framework for enabling audiences to understand the concepts being communicated, from understanding the speaker’s role to the audience’s needs. Identifying when communication disconnects are occurring, or as one of Ms. Peterson’s early professors called “when the audience is looking at you with greyed-out eyes.”

Ms. Peterson provides practical, pragmatic mediation services for state and federal civil cases. Ms. Peterson has arbitrated over 150 cases to date as chair, panel member, or sole arbitrator, including ad-hoc cases.  She is a sought-after educator on mediation, arbitration, and ethics.  Ms. Peterson serves as an adjunct clinical professor for the alternative dispute resolution program as part of the Frank Evans Center at the South Texas School of Law.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Trends in the Market for African American Art
$35.00 Fine Art

The concept of an African American art market,  composed of objects, buyers, sellers and critics, appears to be trending for the past 10 years. This session will present a nuanced picture of how an African American art market has been conceptualized and how this understanding reflects a complex web of tensions and relationships. Consideration will be given to Trends in the Art Market, The Role of Black Art Advisors, Auctions and Fairs, and The Art of Making It.

John Guess, Jr. is the voice and architect behind the resurgence of the Houston Museum of African American Culture, where he currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. John has organized and managed HMAAC's exhibitions schedules since 2014, and has curated well received and reviewed exhibitions that have included Sandra Bland, The Abolitionists, Revelation of Goddesses: Retrospective of Eleanor Merritt, The Art of Malick Sidibe, Indifference, Riding The Tiger: The Art of Berg Long, Jr., Kingdom of Gold: The Photography of Ellen Kaplowitz, Close to Home: Latinx Art and Identity 2.0, etc. John also organized two national symposia.in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Center for Africana Studies; The African Presence in Mexico and Afropolitans.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Tuning Up Your Appraisal Report
$35.00 Business Development

This two hour session will focus on tuning up your appraisal reports for the various intended uses and users of personal property reports.    Not only will the ISA report writing standard be fleshed out, there will be some very fine examples included to show how you can enhance your report for the reader.  Every appraiser needs to see new and different ways to prepare their reports.   Ms. Martin will be sharing with us some different approaches to our appraisal report presentations.  Tuning up your appraisal report is not as difficult as it might seem.

Judith Martin ISA CAPP is currently the Director of Education for the International Society of Appraisers.  Ms. Martin has been involved with ISA Education since 1999.  She was the   lead CORE instructor prior to moving to the ISA  Board of Directors in 2005.     She has been a CAPP reviewer for ISA for the past ten years as well as coming back to teach, CORE, AF+DA and Requalification for ISA in 2021.

This webinar is worth 2 PDCs.

2023 Assets - Untying the Sneaker Market
$35.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

Join us to explore the expansive sneaker market, from Bape to Nike and beyond. Wachter will discuss why it’s necessary to keep current on market trends, the celebrity impact, the importance of value characteristics and how to know if a collection warrants the expertise of a specialist. 

Brahm Wachter joined the Sotheby’s Luxury Accessories & Collectables Department in New York in 2019, and transferred to the Los Angeles office in December of 2020. He currently works as Sotheby’s Head of Streetwear and Modern Collectibles.  Mr. Wachter is additionally largely responsible for Sotheby’s expansion into the sneaker and sports memorabilia spaces, as well as various other initiatives that aim to develop new categories and audiences within the company.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - Watch History & the Current Market of Luxury Watches
$35.00 Gems & Jewelry

Ken Specht’s “ Watch History and the Current Market of Luxury Watches” talk covers the dramatic changes in the Luxury Watch Market in the past year. One minute the “Batman” Rolex is soaring, next it falls from the heights. The Luxury Watch market has been up and down like a yo yo over the past several years.  Ken Specht, an icon in the watch industry, has his thumb on the pulse of luxury watches.  His captivating presentation is both exciting and chock full of the information appraisers need to know.    

Ken is an active member of The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors and a charter member of both the International Watch & Jewelers Guild and Watch Floor Traders Association.  Ken established the Specht Sheet watch pricing guide 31 years ago and co-authored several horology books. He established the first serial production numbers dating system for Rolex Oyster watches.  Ken serves as an expert witness in both Federal and State Courts and valued watches for the US Customs & Drug Enforcement Agency.

This webinar is worth 1 PDC.

2023 Assets - What Do Comparable Sales, Value Determination, and Tax Court Have in Common?
$35.00 Annual Conference

Tim Luke, ISA AM, delves into approaches appraisers need to consider when their reports may come under scrutiny. Included are excellent examples that explore the nuance of vocabulary (what is value vs. estimate?), what timeframes are important when determining market trends, and things to guard against when navigating the industry.

Tim Luke has over 30+ years of experience in the auction and appraisal industry, beginning his career at Christie’s in New York where he became an Auctioneer and  Director..   After leaving Christie’s Tim established his own auction/appraisal/events business, TreasureQuest Group, Inc., based in South Florida providing appraisals for divorce, insurance, donations, and estates, along with providing auction and brokerage services of Fine & Decorative arts.   Tim has evaluated multiple estates for various national auction houses throughout his multi year career.  In 2020 Tim was appointed to the Appraisal Standards Board of the Appraisal Foundation for a three year term.  He is currently the National Director of Appraisals and Valuations for  Hindman Auctions Inc. a well known auction house based in Chicago IL.  

2023 Gems and Jewelry Symposium
$175.00 Gems & Jewelry

ISA 2023 Gems & Jewelry Symposium 

“Beam me up, Scotty.” What if you could go around the world in a day meeting the best and most knowledgeable people in gemology?  The ISA 2023 Gems & Jewelry Symposium gives you that opportunity.  The Gems & Jewelry symposium promises to be one of the best, most informative experiences in the Gems & Jewelry field this year.  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience to interact with some of the world's most renowned experts.

“Scotty” may not be able to send you all over from the Enterprise, but you can activate your Zoom mode on Friday, October 13 to do it all in a single day.  Here is our amazing line-up of Gems & Jewelry experts for the ISA 2023 Gems & Jewelry Symposium.

Rui Galopim de Carvalho FGA, DGA

Session Title: Understanding Precious Corals 

Session Begins:  12:00pm (EDT) / 11:00am (CDT)

Precious corals have been used by mankind since pre-historic times and still hold an important status in many cultures and geographies. As a biogenic gem material that is collected in the wild, sustainability concerns have been raised and have been addressed by the jewelry industry notably by CIBJO, The World Jewelry Confederation, on its Coral Commission under the leadership of Enzo Liverino. The nomenclature and clarifications that will be covered in this talk are a result of the work of the Coral Commission over the past decade.


Rui Galopim de Carvalho FGA DGA is a Gem Education Consultant, author and international lecturer on gemology and the history of gem materials. As a Portuguese national, Rui has a particular interest in Portuguese jewelry of cultural heritage and has recently studied the gemstones in the Portuguese crown jewels for the new royal treasury museum in Palácio Nacional da Ajuda. The founder of the popular Home Gemology webinar series launched during the COVID-19 lockdown, Rui is also editor of the educational account @portugalgemas on Instagram and shares gemological content actively across social media. He is associate editor of Gem-A’s Journal of Gemology, Vice-President of Sector A and of the Coral Commission of CIBJO (The World Jewelry Confederation), ambassador of LAUREL (ECCIA member) and consultant of National collections, namely the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and the new Museu do Tesouro Real at the Palácio Nacional de Ajuda.

Helen Molesworth 

Session Title:  The Gemstone Market: A Historical Perspective 

Session Begins:  1:00PM (EDT) / 12:00pm (CDT)

The jewelry industry and gem markets have seen great change and development in recent years. Markets have experienced both growth and fluctuation on a massive scale. New world records are set and then broken, and sales results are constantly discussed, but often without a larger context. Much of our price and value knowledge comes from modern, living memory, but what do we know about gem pricing in the recent and even distant past? How did we get to where we are today, compared with a hundred or more years ago, and how has our concept of prices and value changed? And furthermore, can this help indicate where we are going? Helen will address the importance of history, historical examples and models, and investigate shifts in the gem market from the perspective of the bigger picture.


Helen has a broad commercial, international and academic background in the gem and jewelry industry. For nearly 25 years she has worked with trade, gemological laboratories, museums, and auction houses across Europe and Asia. She spent ten years as a jewelry specialist for Sotheby’s and Christie’s in London, where she handled and ran sales of global importance including the private jewelry collection of HRH The Princess Margaret in 2006. She has since held roles as Professeur d’Histoire du Bijoux at the Geneva University of Art and Design, Managing Director at the house of Gübelin, and is now Head of Jewelry at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  

Helen has a degree in Classics from Christ Church, Oxford, is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London, and has published and lectured widely on gems and jewelry. Her forthcoming book Precious, a personal insight into the history of gemstones, will be published with Penguin in Spring 2024.

Julia Griffith, FGA DGA EG

Session Title:  Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: The 7-Step Guide to Identification

Session Begins:  2:00PM (EDT) / 1:00pm (CDT)

Join Julia Griffith, FGA DGA EG as we delve into the complex world of laboratory-grown diamond identification. Explore simple techniques to the more advanced technologies used to distinguish these synthetically produced stones from their natural counterparts. This presentation will be a summary of Julia's 7-step guide to identification, which she teaches during her specialist practical workshops on laboratory-grown diamond identification.


Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG is a well-known gemmologist and educator within the jewelry industry. Specializing in laboratory-grown diamonds, Julia shares her research and knowledge regarding production and identification. Known for her engaging teaching style, Julia neatly packages complex information into entertaining presentations for you to enjoy.

Craig O'Donnell

Session Title:  Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Central England

Session Begins:  3:00PM (EDT) / 2:00pm (CDT)

An enlightening, and (hopefully) entertaining talk on the Arts and Crafts movement in the Midlands with emphasis on jewelry and designer makers and how the movement differs from the art nouveau style which flourished at the same time but was less accepted in Britain. The influence of the Guilds and Jewelry Schools and their legacy on jewelry design into the 21st Century, the popular gemstones utilized, and the types of jewelry and styles used will be presented.


Craig has been a full-time jewelry appraiser at the Birmingham Assay Office for the last 21 years. He is also responsible for curating the office’s silver collection and is a regular on the jewelry talk circuit giving talks on Hallmarking, the Assay Office, Arts and Crafts jewelry and silver, silver spoons as well as vintage jewelry catalogues. He is currently Chairman of the Midlands branch of the Gemological Association and has a personal library in excess of 3,000 jewelry, silver and gemstone books.

Kym Hughes

Session Title:  The World of Australian Opal

Session Begins:  4:00PM (EDT) / 3:00pm (CDT)

Learn what to take into consideration when valuing opal. Kym delves into identification and description of different opal types from the 3 major fields in Australia. She goes into how to grade natural opal and how to identify treatments, and synthetics, which are key requirements for many valuers.


With over 35 years’ jewelry trade experience, Kym has an extensive resume that boasts an array of qualifications. She holds both a British and Australian diploma in gemology, a diploma in diamond technology, a certificate in diamond grading from HRD Antwerp, holds a Diploma of Applied Gemology (valuation) in jewelry and gemstone valuations and consistently updates her skills with new technology courses as outlined by the NCJV requirements. Kym’s industry recognition is exceptional and is the President of the National Council of Jewelry Valuers (NCJV), past President of Queensland Gemological Association and past Federal President and Director of Gemological Association of Australia.

She is the current CEO of Valued Education Pty Ltd t/a NCJV-EDU the registered training organization for the NCJV and the head trainer and assessor.

Kym is also the owner of Symmetry Jewelry Valuation specialist running her own business as a jewelry valuer since 1998.

A Pandemic Polemic: How Recent Changes in the Collectibles Market are Here to Stay
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

As always, the collectibles market is changing, though in the last several months, there have been some significant shifts and surprises. With the unforeseen changes in the marketplace, it's important to look at not only what items are selling, but how the venues for selling those items have transformed. From the sudden popularity and skyrocketing sales of 1990s era sports cards, to the reliance on third party grading and its effects on value, we'll look at some of the changes in buying habits, the availability of collectibles, and how the market is changing in reaction to social distancing requirements.

Presenter: James Supp

James Supp, frequently seen on the popular PBS television series Antiques Roadshow, is a fine arts and antiques appraiser based in the Pacific Northwest. His company, Coronado Trading Co., provides a broad array of estate, appraisal and brokering services to discerning clients. James has also provided appraisals and expert witness testimony at the State and Federal level. James has offered lectures and presentations on antiques, conservation, collecting and restoration. 

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

American Furniture 101
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Michael Logan, ISA CAPP

Take a walk through the history of American furniture from the settling of Jamestown up to the beginning of the Machine Age, with Michael Logan. He discusses design elements, materials and styles to aid in learning some basics of furniture identification.

American Railroad Artifacts and Ephemera
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brad Lomazzi, ISA AM

This presentation will focus on the most popular categories of American Railroad Artifacts and Ephemera along with the most significant valuation considerations for each. A discussion of directly related Western Americana category crossovers will also be included. Finally, a dovetail presentation will consider other directly related transportation mode artifacts and ephemera categories and all of their valuation commonalities.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Identifying Black & White Photography
$40.00 Fine Art Scott Hale, ISA AM

Despite their relatively brief history, photographs have become a ubiquitous property for both Fine Art and Antiques and Residential Contents appraisals, and increasingly appraisers are required to identify and distinguish between the different types and processes of photographs.  What's the difference between a daguerrotype and ambrotype? Salt print and platinum print? Silver collodion and silver gelatin? Carte de viste and cabinet card? And most importantly, what impact does it all have on value?

Appraising Antiquities Today: What You Need to Know
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Sue McGovern-Huffman

Since antiquity, objects have been stolen, destroyed or illegally sold, now creating an international determination to keep a country’s cultural heritage intact by means of legislation and enforcement. This presentation seeks to clarify some of the current sticky issues concerning antiquities by providing information on current US laws, paperwork needed, provenance research, authentication and "when all else fails" help lines.

Appraising Autographs, Manuscripts & Historical Documents - Easier Than You Think
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP

This webinar will provide you with specific, simple ways to identify common non-genuine autographs and documents that you may encounter on an appraisal engagement.

Appraising Outliers Four Rare Portraits by Gilbert Stuart
$40.00 Fine Art Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP

Appraising Outliers at the High-End of the Art Market: Four Rare Washington Portraits by Gilbert Stuart, and What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

1. How to approach a high-end assignment when there are no true comparable sales 
2. Getting experts to work with you 
3. Limits of personal property appraiser’s expertise

Appraising Pablo Picasso Part I
$40.00 Fine Art Tony Pernicone, ISA AM

Pablo Picasso is the most highly collected printmaker in the history of fine art. Tony Pernicone, Fine Art Dealer, Appraiser and Auctioneer, ISA AM, ASA, NAA and CSA, has been representing his art since 1981. He will lead us through the various limited edition mediums of Picasso, including etching, lithography, linocuts, ceramics, posters, and pochoir; along with the various catalogue references for these works, and the history, importance, and value they hold in the current marketplace. Tony will also discuss some of the ways to spot Picasso fakes.

Appraising Stamps and Coins Tips, Tricks, and Hints
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP

Learn about appraising stamps and coins from Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP.

Assets 2018 Post Conference Recap (Webinar)
Annual Conference Perri Guthrie, ISA CAPP & Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP

ISA President, Perri Guthrie, will present a recap of Assets 2018. ISA's Director of Education, Meredith Meuwly, will address education related questions.

Assets 2021: African-American Art - The Emerging Market
$40.00 Annual Conference

The growing commitment of museums to diversify their collections and major collectors following the trend has given rise to an ever-increasing demand for African American art. In this presentation, gallerist and art advisory Myrtis Bedolla will address the black art sector's rapid growth in the primary and secondary markets. With prices on the ascent, the market's fluidity is cause for appraisers and gallerists to work in concert with one another. A tenuous relationship at best, this presentation will offer techniques to strengthen the professional bon and provide industry resources to aid appraisers in the valuation process.

Myrtis Bedolla
Founding Director, Galerie Myrtis
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: Asset Collecting for African American Civil War to Civil Rights Exhibits
$40.00 Annual Conference

Collecting meaningful assets for museum exhibitions always presents unique challenges. For war museums, these challenges range from finding families willing to part with such heirlooms to displaying such examples of material culture that, invariably, evoke strong feelings from some viewers. These challenges are further magnified in the United States when collecting for a museum dedicated to the American Civil War. Today, as then, most American views on any aspect of that war can be categorized as Blue or Grey. Try collecting assets for a museum dedicated to African American soldiers and sailors in the Civil War. Dr. Smith will discuss some of the challenges of his unique position and the strategies that have made him successful.

Dr. Frank Smith, PhD
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: Changing Role of the Auction Business
$40.00 Annual Conference

With the current tectonic shift of life to an on-line reality, auctions have taken on a larger role to create an ever-growing virtual presence. Historically limited to the traditional auction format, this larger role has enabled auction houses to undertake a multitude of capabilities. Amy will share her experience by discussing how the profile of the auction house has changed to accommodate the global buying public in a virtual market, particularly during this past year.

Presenter: Amy Cappellazzo
Chairman of Fine Arts and Executive Vice President, Sotheby's

This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.

Assets 2021: Impact of New Technologies on the Art World
$40.00 Annual Conference

The world is moving towards automation, new modes of online commerce, social media and other digital communication tools now define the art world. Technology is impacting all phases of the art world from creation of art to appraisals. In this presentation, Jason Bailey, founder of Artnome.com will explain: What role do artists play in the creation of digital art, what emerging markets are there for digital art and how it is being valued, and how new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), will affect appraising in the future.

Jason Bailey
Founder, Artnome.com
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: Mid-Century Modern Furniture: How to Spot the Knockoffs
$40.00 Annual Conference

Click on Alibaba.com and you will find every single mid-century modern furniture classic knocked off and sold for literally a tenth of the price of the real thing. The differences are subtle, but if you put the original side by side with the knock-off, the differences are clear. This lecture will look at a selection of Knoll, Herman Miller and Scandinavian modern furniture classics and reveal what to look for when evaluating the authenticity of such examples.

Oscar Fitzgerald
Adjunct Professor on Antique Furniture, Smithsonian Institution and George Washington University Master's Program in the History of Decorative Arts and Design
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: Pop Culture Confidential - Common Mistakes Exposed!
$40.00 Annual Conference

Let's face it, pop culture memorabilia valuations can be very different animals from art and antiques appraisals, especially those that have a celebrity involved. Leila Dunbar takes a look at some of the most common mistakes that she has seen appraisers make, including in their methodology, choice and analysis of comparable sales, and, sometimes, just plain wackiness! You will learn the dos and don'ts so you can approach these appraisals with confidence.

Leila Dunbar, ISA AM
President, Leila Dunbar Appraisals and Consulting
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: The Afterlife of Sculptures - Differences Between Lifetime and Posthumous Casts
$40.00 Annual Conference

Posthumous casts made from an artist’s lifetime models represent complex issues, raising questions that straddle aesthetic, legal and market concerns. In this talk, Sharon will discuss the correct steps that an appraiser should take when conducting due diligence on posthumous casts made by different sculptors and examine how proper evaluation can have a significant effect on the value of the artwork.

Sharon Hecker, PhD
Art Historian, Curator, Author, and Consultant
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: The Dealer's Perspective - Brown Wood and War Stories
$40.00 Annual Conference

In this lecture, we will analyze the market of American furniture. While many feel that the market has been in decline for many years, there is still an undercurrent of strength and desire for American objects. We will look at a comparative analysis of selling pieces in the private market versus the public market, as well as discuss where Americana currently stands. Perspective is everything. While celebrity and exclusivity drive the contemporary art market, our personal concept of pieces are reflected on by our own opinions. We will discuss how perspective and excitement in material affect owners and purchasers, and how this perspective can translate to the public and private markets.

Taylor Thistlethwaite
Dealer in American Fine and Decorative Arts from the 18th to the 20th Century, Thistlethwaite Americana
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: The Glitter & the Gold - Newark as the King of Jewelry
$40.00 Annual Conference

The American jewelry manufacturing industry was born in Newark, New Jersey in the first decades of the nineteenth century. By the eve of the stock market crash of 1929, Newark produced 90 percent of the gold jewelry made in the United States. With the expansion of industrialization in the 1800s came the rise of an affluent middle class of consumers who came to see gold jewelry as a necessity rather than a luxury. For every glamorous, costly bauble worn by the elite of the Gilded Age, there was a Newark-made equivalent ready to adorn the fashions of the American housewife.

Ulysses Grant Dietz
Former Curator of Decorative Arts and Chief Curator, The Newark Museum of Art
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: The History and Jewelry of Buccellati
$40.00 Annual Conference

This presentation will cover the history of the house of Buccellati, from its founder, Mario Buccellati to present day. We will also be reviewing the jewelry along with how it is created, and the techniques that are the benchmark of this iconic house. Additionally, we will be looking at how the designs have changed over time in order to be in step with current trends along with copies and reproductions in the marketplace.

Peter Shemonsky, GG
Owner, Peter J. Shemonsky Fine Arts and Estate Jewelry
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: The Minefield of Vintage Rolex
$40.00 Annual Conference

Eric will be sharing his knowledge gleaned from his years of experiences buying and selling vintage Rolex watches, providing identification clues for vintage models worth collecting, which models are most frequently being sought by collectors, and the current state of the market.

Eric Ku
Rolex Specialist, 10 Past Ten
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.

Assets 2021: The Role of Engagement Agreements in Marketing Strategy for Your Practice
$40.00 Annual Conference

Marketing one's appraisal practice is essential to long-term success. This presentation examines how client engagement documents can be useful for two key tactics in a successful strategy: differentiation from alternatives, and establishment of the engagement value proposition. The speaker will discuss how development and presentation of client engagement agreements can aid clients' understanding of value, trust in application of professional standards, and willingness to refer the professional for additional work.

Kathy Rechnitzer Kelly, Esq.
Attorney and Consultant
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: What You Think You Know About Jewelry Appraising Could Be Wrong!
$40.00 Annual Conference

What you think you know about appraising jewelry could be wrong. While there may be more to it than you originally thought, there may also be hidden opportunities to create new profit centers in your business, even if you hire out to do it! How can appraisers make more money and still be in alignment with USPAP? This webinar takes you through the basic aspects of jewelry appraising but in terms of 1) limiting your liability, because liability leads to LOSING money), 2) the intermediate stages of how to utilize the new knowledge to create new opportunities and new business, and 3) the advanced stages of utilizing that knowledge in ways you may not have known were possible to create an influx of revenue in your business. Each of these stages is followed through the foundations of appraising jewelry with gemstones, circa dating, and authenticating estate and antique jewelry. Since USPAP allows appraisers to broker or sell items as long as it's disclosed in the conditions, Nicholle shows you how you can remain USPAP-compliant and increase your bottom line in 2021.

Nicholle Mogavero
Appraiser and Buyer, Mayflower Estate Buyers
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Assets 2021: With Eyes Opened - a History of Cranbrook Academy of Art
$40.00 Annual Conference

This talk will present a brief history of Cranbrook Academy of Art, which was founded a year after the Bauhaus closed in Germany, but unlike other radical art schools of the early twentieth century it continues to produce influential artists and designers today. With an exclusive focus on graduate level education, the Academy has been described as part design laboratory, part artists' colony, and part atelier. With no curriculum and no grades, it pioneered a student-centric model. Known as the "cradle of midcentury modernism" in the United States, the Academy of Art was the locus of designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, and Florence Knoll. By the mid-twentieth century it had helped birth the American Studio Craft movement through the work and teaching of women such as Marianne Strengell in textiles and Maija Grotell in ceramics. This talk will also explore the contributions of important artists and designers of color associated with the Academy.

drew Blauvelt
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.
Beginner's Guide to the Appraisal Galaxy Webinar
$40.00 ISA Education Updates

This instructive and empowering session will be most beneficial for appraisers in the beginning years of building their appraisal practices. Topics covered include deciding which jobs you should take, determining competency, how to obtain those USPAP compliant hours, the fear of asking questions, the Template Monster, getting your business up and running, and moving forward to your ISA AM and ISA CAPP. 

This webinar was originally aired on January 15th, 2019.

Book Appraisal Methodology: A Guide to the Basics
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

Mary Kohnke will provide an overview of cataloging basics, resources for valuation and examples of her own methodology in appraisal large collections of books. Major topics pertaining to current market conditions will also be discussed, as well as top collecting areas, such as natural history, travel and exploration, modern first editions and Americana. 

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019.

Books for the Generalist
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Robert Hittel, ISA AP

Robert's presentation covers book history, descriptions and research methods for the generalist.

Chinese Export Silver
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Kirsten Smolensky, ISA CAPP

“The markets for sterling silver and Chinese antiques are both hot. As a result, Chinese export silver (CES) is bringing unheard of sums at auction. Because some CES has pseudo English hallmarks dealers and appraisers often misidentify it as English sterling silver. This can result in inaccurate valuations. This webinar will provide a brief history of CES. Particular attention will be paid to identifying CES by its decorative motifs, construction, weight, etc. Important makers and forms will be highlighted.”

Chinese Jades: Value and Power
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Jade has been treasured by the Chinese for millennia.  This webinar will explain the types and colors of jade, as well as discuss strategies for determining age.  A variety of pieces from the Han to Qing dynasties will be examined from an appraiser's perspective. Jades are part of the current hot market in Chinese art, the reasons for which will be explained. Resources for identifying and researching quality jades and their value will be provided. 

Chinese Porcelain Mania - Part I
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Through the examinations of a broad range of Chinese porcelains, including burial wares, blue and white, celadons, teawares, overglaze polychrome enameled wares and Qing pieces, appraisers will learn about the types of Chinese porcelain from the Tang dynasty to the Qing dynasty. Significant time will be spent discussing the various factors driving the current market for record breaking auction prices of Chinese porcelains.

Chinese Porcelain Mania - Part II: Export Porcelain
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Examining the impact of Chinese export ceramics at different historical periods, we will focus on porcelains made for the European market. Primarily blue and white, but also blanc-de-chine, famille verte, noire, Chinese Imari, Armorial wares and Canton porcelain examples will be discussed from both identification and value perspectives. Significant collectors and the most current research findings in this area will also be discussed.

Cobalt Blue: The Origins, Evolution and Legacy of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

The global impact of Chinese blue and white porcelain will be discussed, including its origins in the Tang dynasty, sources of cobalt, as well as the visual aesthetics of decorative patterns, and reasons for its popularity and legacy.  Attention will be given to specific differences in the evolution of the blue decoration over time and value factors in the current market for this type of porcelain.  The famous Yuan Dynasty ‘David’ vases will be highlighted, along with other examples such as Kraak ware, Transitional Ware and Qing Dynasty exports. 

This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020.

Collecting the Presidents: Especially Lincoln
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Joe Garrera

During this webinar attendees will learn the following: 
1. How collecting the Presidents can be fun 
2. The complex nature of this type of collecting 
3. Reveal sources that will assist appraisers in determining basic values

Don't Dismiss the Closet! Do you know the difference between authentic luxury goods vs. fake ones?
$60.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

It is your obligation as an appraiser to value items correctly - that includes the closets!

Join Hindman Director of Luxury Accessories and Couture Timothy Long as he takes a 2-hour deep dive into authentication. Tim will also go over the steps to take to find the best marketplace for valuation. He will discuss which items are rising in value, who is buying what and why luxury goods can be a better investment than antiques. Tim is a dynamic knowledgeable speaker - this is one webinar you won’t want to miss!

Timothy Long
Timothy is the Director and Senior Specialist of Luxury Accessories and Couture department at Hindman Auctioneers. Tim has an extensive background as a fashion historian and curator, spending time at important institutions such as the Museum of London and Chicago History Museum.

During his time at the Museum of London, he managed a collection of over 35,500 items, some dating to the 15th century. Tim also developed a significant social media following to showcase behind-the-scenes activities and collaborate with other organizations, in addition to managing major exhibitions.

Prior to his time at the Museum of London, he spent a number of years as Curator of Costumes at the Chicago History Museum, whose collection spans some 50,000 items. Here, Tim curated annual fashion exhibitions and helped the Museum publish its first online database while developing educational and public outreach activities that included annual fashion design competitions for the local design community and students.

Don't Drink and Appraise, An introduction to Appraising Wine
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Thomas Gallagher, ISA

In this webinar you will learn the basics of wine appraising.  You will learn what information you will need from a wine bottle, how to look at a wine label.  We will look at what clues the bottle can give you regarding its condition.  Finally, we will discuss the current state of the wine market, both domestically and internationally, and how regulations have been effecting the value of wine. 

Effectively Running Your Valuation Business
$40.00 Business Development

The webinar will explore Business Development tips, Best Practices in running your business, and utilizing USPAP to effectively run and grow your valuation business.

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

Fundamentals of Watch Appraising
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Joe Cohen

During this webinar Joe Cohen identifies experience, training and skill necessary for watch appraisals. As well as the keys to understanding watch and appraisal factors and the effects of various factors of watch values.

Goddess of Mercy: Buddhism and its Symbolism in Asian Art (Webinar)
$40.00 Fine Art Susan Lahey, MA, ISA AM

The webinar will introduce Buddhism and its symbolism to fellow appraisers in a variety of media- textiles, sculpture, bronzes, ivory as observed in objects from China, Japan and Korea.  Values on all the objects used as examples will be discussed and the current market for Buddhist-themed works of Art. 

Hello, Dolly
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Rachel Hoffman, ISA AM

Join accredited doll appraiser Rachel Hoffman as she guides you in the ins and outs of the antique and vintage doll industry. She will give you insight on the types of dolls you will see a lot of in your appraisal practice and give a basic guide to quickly identifying common reproductions that you will find as an appraiser in typical households. She will also discuss what is ‘trending’ in the doll world and there will be a couple surprises along the way! 

Home Furnishings and Accessories Currently Being Produced and Retailed
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Jeff Baker, ISA AM

Importing from Asia and other parts of the globe has greatly changed what the average consumer is furnishing their homes with these items and they in turn appear in many appraisal projects.  The challenges for appraisers include identifying wood, materials and techniques that are have only appeared in the market place in the last 20 years. 

How to Appraise Pianos
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts David Estey

During “How to Appraise Pianos,” David will be sharing which questions are the right questions, to get the right answers. How to determine condition and whether or not you need to hire a piano expert.

Identifying Prints: Original, Fake or Reproduction?
$40.00 Fine Art Melanie Smith, ISA AM

In this presentation, Melanie goes over the different types of common prints, points out the identifying characteristics of each type of print and shares common problems to avoid. 

Internet Marketing Tools for the Appraiser
$40.00 Business Development Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP

This webinar presents an overview of how to succeed and raise your profile through internet branding. Key points include: branding, social media and online promotion and advertising. 

Introduction to Appraisal Photography
$40.00 Fine Art John Craughan, ISA CAPP

This presentation will help you define your photography system, identify your equipment needs and set up your procedures so that the photos you take enhance your reports.

Introduction to Appraising Rugs
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Ellen Amirkhan, ISA CAPP

This presentation covers rug identification and construction, commonly encountered rugs and where to find comparables as well as what factors effect value.

Introduction to Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur
$40.00 Fine Art Candace Perry

This webinar outlines what Fraktur is and what it is not, as well as the different forms of Fraktur.

Jewelry from Designers to Diamonds, is Your Client a Collector or Investor?
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Amy Lawch, ISA AM, GG

How do you differentiate your clients who are collectors of jewelry versus those who are actually investors. The investors are generally a whole level above the collectors . Some investors may have started out as collectors, others have only invested in diamonds or designer jewelry to enhance their portfolios. The investors are a group who are quite savvy and are buying to sell more frequently than a collector. There are many jewelry designers who are names known to the public that are popular in the retail markets of today. Names such as Roberto Coin, John Hardy and David Yurman versus designers like Schlumberger who've stood the test of time. I'll discuss the retail versus the secondary jewelry markets. The current diamond market with it's pitfalls for collectors and investors will be explored.

Later Japanese Ceramics
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

Appraisers often encounter 19th and 20th century Japanese ceramics in their investigations. This webinar explores three of the most common types, Satsuma, Imari and Kutani. We will look at production processes, appropriate descriptions, dating, marks and important names, current and earlier valuations, and sources of information for further research. Older and more recent collecting opportunities for Westerners attracted to these ceramics are cited, including World Fairs displays, Occupation Period department stores and PXs, and specialist dealers. A useful fill-in-the-blank preliminary information form for recording Japanese ceramics on-site will be sent to registrants for the webinar.  

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Leveraging Art Market Trends to Build Your Appraisal Practice (Webinar)
$40.00 Business Development Cindy Charleston Rosenberg, ISA CAPP
Art Market

Shifting collecting patterns, goals and objectives can present powerful business opportunities for appraisers. What are the emerging trends in the management of art as a tangible asset class? How reliable are art market reports, and how can the appraiser use these statistics to build relationships with tax, wealth and legal advisers? 

Learn how to educate wealth managers, attorneys and tax professionals about the seven key questions they should be asking their clients about their collections, and how these discussions can generate repeat sources of high-level appraisal assignments. 

Luxury Watches: From Utilitarian to Phenomenal
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Darlene Wong, FCGmA, ISA CAPP, RMV (CAP-CJA)

A brief history of wrist watches in general with a focus on the origins of the Rolex brand in particular. The emphasis is on the luxury category and the types within, what makes them unique, sought after and attractive to connoisseurs and collectors alike. Includes sample pricing and auction sales to illustrate the costs to purchase as well as what buyers are willing to pay to capture some of these collectible watches.

Mastering the Art of Object Descriptions
$40.00 Fine Art Cathy Peters, ISA CAPP

Cathy Peters' identifies ISA's requirements for fine art descriptions, IRS requirements for art over $20,000 and how to discuss comparables in self-contained reports.

Mid Mod in the Middle
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Valerie Hale, ISA CAPP and Marcus Wadell, ISA AM

Join presenters Valerie Hale and Marcus Wardell as they review mid-century modern furniture.  

Nihonto ~ How to look at Japanese Swords
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Cris Drugan, ISA AM

This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of Japanese Swords or Nihonto. It is designed as an overview to expose you to the many different styles of swords you may run into on your appraisal assignment. Mountings, fittings and construction will be examined for you to be able to distinguish the differences between a Chinese reproduction blade, a machine made blade and a traditionally made blade. Also examined will be flaws that can affect the value of a sword. My goal is for you to be able to identify key indicators for you to value the sword on your own or know when to get help from an expert.

NORMAN ROCKWELL (1894-1978) Leading the way for Illustration Art in its return to Fine Art in the Market (Webinar)
$40.00 Fine Art Lisa Garcia, ISA CAPP

This webinar will discuss the rise in the illustration art market and the changing perceptions of illustration art as fine art in the context of the art of Norman Rockwell. The artist’s paintings, sketches and “original” prints will be discussed with regard to specific sales, notably the artist’s Saturday Evening Post covers, and then conclude with the promulgation of art history by the artist. This webinar originally aired on October 16th, 2018. 

Office Hours with the Director of Education January 17th, 2023
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Judith Martin at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar originally aired on January 17th, 2023.

Earns 1 Professional Development Credits.

Office Hours with the Director of Education July 11, 2023
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Judith Martin at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Office Hours with the Director of Education May 23, 2023
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Judith Martin at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on May 23, 2023.

Earns 1 Professional Development Credits.

Office Hours with the Director of Education November 15, 2022
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Judith Martin at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on November 15, 2022.

Office Hours with the Director of Education November 28, 2023
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Judith Martin at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on November 28, 2023.

Earns 1 Professional Development Credits.

Office Hours with the Director of Education September 19, 2023
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar first aired on September 19, 2023.

Earns 1 Professional Development Credits.

Part II: Home Furnishings and Accessories
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Jeff Baker, ISA AM

Join Jeff Baker, ISA AM in his presentation covering home furnishings and accessories. 

Petroliana & Automobilia, What is it
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Dan Matthews

The presenter will describe what Petroliana & Automobilia collectibles are, and also what you should look for when doing an appraisal. 

Publishing a Specialty Book
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Charles McCracken, ISA CAPP

During this presentation, Charles McCracken, ISA CAPP provides insight on publishing a specialty book. 

Reclaiming a Masterpiece: Recreating the Original Frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware
$40.00 ISA Education Updates Suzanne Smeaton

The webinar will discuss frame values by focusing on one of the company's largest and most recent projects, the stunning hand-carved and gilded replica of the lost original frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Issues that impact on value such as restoration and rarity will be included.

The ABC's of NFT's Webinar
$40.00 Fine Art

ABCs of NFTs - NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are all the rage but are digital collectibles and property here to stay or is this just a passing fad? And what exactly are NFTs, how do they work, and how might they change the world of art and collectibles? Join art and tech expert Jason Bailey who is generally credited with bringing NFTs to the art world back in early 2018 when he distributed 300 NFTs at Christie's in London. Those 300 free NFTs now sell for ~$260K each and are highly sought after by collectors. Jason will explain the basics of NFTs and answer all your questions about this exciting but often confusing new trend. Jason has onboarded hundreds of artists and collectors to NFTs and In 20021 he has taught the official courses on NFTs for both Christie's and Sotheby's. Jason is the co-founder of the GreenNFT community initiative and the CEO and co-founder of ClubNFT.com, a company designed to help brands and institutions create and deliver NFTs at scale.

This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021.

The Appraisal Report Market Analysis and Credible Data Usage
$60.00 Business Development

The Appraisal Report Market Analysis and Credible Data Usage 

The market analysis, sometimes considered the stepchild of the appraisal report. Much is communicated and taught about intended use, scope of work, comparable data, extraordinary assumptions, market levels, and limiting conditions, yet very little is taught about the importance of a well thought out and credible market analysis to support appraisal conclusions. The market analysis can be a very important and useful tool in developing a credible appraisal report. This webinar will be in three sections, including

  1. General background, definitions, and theory & principles for market analysis
  2. Different platforms and publications document trends and activity in the art market
  3. Excerpts and use of art market data within the appraisal report

A market analysis is always a mix of quantitative and qualitative research with the aim to assess the market in terms of size (volume and value), customer segmentation, buying behavior, competition, as well as market entry barriers and regulatory framework. Are you familiar with markets and sub-markets? Join Todd for a deep dive into the appraisal report market analysis.

This webinar was presented on September 6, 2022. 

The Broad Evidence Report (Webinar)
$40.00 ISA Education Updates Leon Castner, PhD, ISA CAPP

This one hour webinar, explaining and clarifying the concept of the Broad Evidence Rule, is open to all appraisers, regardless of previous experience in preparing complex BE appraisals. 

Appraisals prepared under the Broad Evidence Rule are used in insurance and litigation cases when those jurisdictions have opted to settle cases based on any bona fide approach that will provide accurate measures of loss or value.

Although a brief history of the concept as stated in McAnarney v. Newark Fire Insurance Co. from 1928 will be stated, the presentation will be more pragmatic and provide suggestions as to how to perform the appraisal and how the report should be formatted.  It will cover the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the process and seek to be clear, straightforward, and practical.

ISA candidates for CAPP accreditation will be particularly interested since type of report is now required for final peer review.

The Fundamentals of Appraising Inuit Art
$250.00 Fine Art

The Inuit of the polar regions of North America celebrate their history and culture through the visual arts.  The Fundamentals of Appraising Inuit Art will survey this history and the transformations in Inuit art beginning in the 1950s. We will explore the richness of the Inuit experience so webinar attendees can be better skilled at identification, authentication and connoisseurship.  The webinar will expand your knowledge of the available resources for researching market and value information.

This webinar earns 3 PDCs.

Presented by Kathryn Minard, ISA CAPP.

The Wild and Wacky World of Sports Appraisals
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Leila Dunbar

In this presentation about the fun and foibles of appraising and auctioning sports memorabilia, Lee Dunbar taps into her 24 years experience to provide valuable insights and give specific resources so that other appraisers can feel confident when presented with a piece of sports history

Time is Money - Using Technology for Efficiency Part One
$250.00 Business Development

Are you needing help in understanding how technology can speed up your work process as well as enhance your appraisal report? Then we have the solutions for you!   

ISA is proud to present Bruce Edwards in a three hour tutorial on how to use your computer to build your own templates and produce a better report. This presentation is Part One of a two-part series. This first session will take you through the basics of formatting and easily copying your comparable searches to use in your appraisal report.   

Bruce will teach you how to harness your phone to its best and most efficient use. Transmit information to your appraisal document on the fly. Techniques such as transferring photos directly to your report in two clicks, photo text to Word, and storage of comparable sales in one spreadsheet will be presented. He'll go over Excel quick add with xcel formulas and more.

For those who do not have the technology of today down pat this is a must-attend webinar. You will be amazed at how  technology can speed up your report documentation and elevate the presentation of your report to your client.  

About your instructor:

Bruce has been involved in technology since the age of 12 when he started programming in BASIC on the Livonia Dept of Education time-sharing mainframe computer. And he was even authorized to do so…

As a graduate of MSU he took every computer class he could fit in while still getting his Engineering degree (not involving trains).

He worked for Exxon as a Systems Analyst and began his adventures with PCs & Macs in 1982 and has been using Excel since Version 2 in 1987. He feels they’ve made a few advancements since it was first trying to unseat Lotus123 as the spreadsheet king.

His career in technology continued with over 20 years as a software consultant working for numerous database companies including Sybase and Oracle. His expertise has been in delivering practical solutions to organizations, large & small, that need to “do more with less”.

His latest endeavors have been in building RPA “robots” to fully automate the gathering of comparables for appraisal reports.

"I have just taken this first webinar with Bruce as a test - I was amazed what my phone and computer could do together and I was hungry for more when we stopped after two hours! Come join me as we all learn what we need to know in technology today." -- Judith Martin, ISA CAPP

Earns 3 Professional Development Credits.

Understanding Historic Frames
$40.00 Fine Art Bill Adair

This webinar focuses on the basics of describing methods of construction and finishes on historic frames. Presenter, William Adair gave tips on how to accurately identify frames' country of origin and era of manufacture as well as how to judge condition and conservation issues that may affect value.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Clocks for Appraisers
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Joe Cohen

During this presentation Joe identifies the experience, training and skills necessary for clock appraisals, identifies keys to understanding clocks and appraisal factors as well as effects of various factors of clock values. 

USPAP and Fine Art Appraisals: 10 (or so) Frequently Asked Questions
$40.00 Fine Art

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) provides a flexible and adaptable framework for personal property appraisers. It also can be confusing to understand how USPAP applies to the appraisal of fine art. This presentation will look at some of the most frequently asked questions on topics including personal inspection, confidential information, prior sales history, workfiles, and how to support credible, USPAP-compliant reports, during a time when COVID-19 might restrict our ability to see objects in person. 

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020.

WEBINAR: Know the Numbers
$60.00 ISA Education Updates

As appraisers, there are many “numbers” we must know and understand in order to write compliant appraisal reports. For example, there are thresholds for dollar amounts, dates, and rules and regulations. This webinar will serve as a refresher for both new and experienced appraisers alike. The information presented promises to clarify and answer such questions as:

  • At what amount do I need to include comps?
  • How far in advance can I submit a donation appraisal?
  • How do I make an appraisal report compliant when a 706 will be filed?”  

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