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ISA offers both live and recorded webinars on a range of personal property appraising topics. Most are less than 90 minutes long and offer one professional development credit.


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American Furniture 101
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Michael Logan, ISA CAPP

Take a walk through the history of American furniture from the settling of Jamestown up to the beginning of the Machine Age, with Michael Logan. He discusses design elements, materials and styles to aid in learning some basics of furniture identification.

American Railroad Artifacts and Ephemera
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brad Lomazzi, ISA AM

This presentation will focus on the most popular categories of American Railroad Artifacts and Ephemera along with the most significant valuation considerations for each. A discussion of directly related Western Americana category crossovers will also be included. Finally, a dovetail presentation will consider other directly related transportation mode artifacts and ephemera categories and all of their valuation commonalities.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Identifying Black & White Photography
$40.00 Fine Art Scott Hale, ISA AM

Despite their relatively brief history, photographs have become a ubiquitous property for both Fine Art and Antiques and Residential Contents appraisals, and increasingly appraisers are required to identify and distinguish between the different types and processes of photographs.  What's the difference between a daguerrotype and ambrotype? Salt print and platinum print? Silver collodion and silver gelatin? Carte de viste and cabinet card? And most importantly, what impact does it all have on value?

Appraising Antiquities Today: What You Need to Know
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Sue McGovern-Huffman

Since antiquity, objects have been stolen, destroyed or illegally sold, now creating an international determination to keep a country’s cultural heritage intact by means of legislation and enforcement. This presentation seeks to clarify some of the current sticky issues concerning antiquities by providing information on current US laws, paperwork needed, provenance research, authentication and "when all else fails" help lines.

Appraising Autographs, Manuscripts & Historical Documents - Easier Than You Think
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP

This webinar will provide you with specific, simple ways to identify common non-genuine autographs and documents that you may encounter on an appraisal engagement.

Appraising Outliers Four Rare Portraits by Gilbert Stuart
$40.00 Fine Art Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP

Appraising Outliers at the High-End of the Art Market: Four Rare Washington Portraits by Gilbert Stuart, and What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

1. How to approach a high-end assignment when there are no true comparable sales 
2. Getting experts to work with you 
3. Limits of personal property appraiser’s expertise

Appraising Pablo Picasso Part I
$40.00 Fine Art Tony Pernicone, ISA AM

Pablo Picasso is the most highly collected printmaker in the history of fine art. Tony Pernicone, Fine Art Dealer, Appraiser and Auctioneer, ISA AM, ASA, NAA and CSA, has been representing his art since 1981. He will lead us through the various limited edition mediums of Picasso, including etching, lithography, linocuts, ceramics, posters, and pochoir; along with the various catalogue references for these works, and the history, importance, and value they hold in the current marketplace. Tony will also discuss some of the ways to spot Picasso fakes.

Appraising Stamps and Coins Tips, Tricks, and Hints
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP

Learn about appraising stamps and coins from Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP.

Assets 2018 Post Conference Recap (Webinar)
Annual Conference Perri Guthrie, ISA CAPP & Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP

ISA President, Perri Guthrie, will present a recap of Assets 2018. ISA's Director of Education, Meredith Meuwly, will address education related questions.

Assets 2019 Post Conference Recap (Webinar)
ISA Updates

Join ISA President, Perri Guthrie, and ISA's Director of Education, Meredith Meuwly, as they present a recap of Assets 2019 and address education related questions.

Beginner's Guide to the Appraisal Galaxy Webinar
$40.00 ISA Education Updates

This instructive and empowering session will be most beneficial for appraisers in the beginning years of building their appraisal practices. Topics covered include deciding which jobs you should take, determining competency, how to obtain those USPAP compliant hours, the fear of asking questions, the Template Monster, getting your business up and running, and moving forward to your ISA AM and ISA CAPP. 

This webinar was originally aired on January 15th, 2019.

Book Appraisal Methodology: A Guide to the Basics
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

Mary Kohnke will provide an overview of cataloging basics, resources for valuation and examples of her own methodology in appraisal large collections of books. Major topics pertaining to current market conditions will also be discussed, as well as top collecting areas, such as natural history, travel and exploration, modern first editions and Americana. 

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019.

Books for the Generalist
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Robert Hittel, ISA AP

Robert's presentation covers book history, descriptions and research methods for the generalist.

Chinese Export Silver
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Kirsten Smolensky, ISA CAPP

“The markets for sterling silver and Chinese antiques are both hot. As a result, Chinese export silver (CES) is bringing unheard of sums at auction. Because some CES has pseudo English hallmarks dealers and appraisers often misidentify it as English sterling silver. This can result in inaccurate valuations. This webinar will provide a brief history of CES. Particular attention will be paid to identifying CES by its decorative motifs, construction, weight, etc. Important makers and forms will be highlighted.”

Chinese Jades: Value and Power
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Jade has been treasured by the Chinese for millennia.  This webinar will explain the types and colors of jade, as well as discuss strategies for determining age.  A variety of pieces from the Han to Qing dynasties will be examined from an appraiser's perspective. Jades are part of the current hot market in Chinese art, the reasons for which will be explained. Resources for identifying and researching quality jades and their value will be provided. 

Chinese Porcelain Mania - Part I
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Through the examinations of a broad range of Chinese porcelains, including burial wares, blue and white, celadons, teawares, overglaze polychrome enameled wares and Qing pieces, appraisers will learn about the types of Chinese porcelain from the Tang dynasty to the Qing dynasty. Significant time will be spent discussing the various factors driving the current market for record breaking auction prices of Chinese porcelains.

Chinese Porcelain Mania - Part II: Export Porcelain
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Susan Lahey, ISA

Examining the impact of Chinese export ceramics at different historical periods, we will focus on porcelains made for the European market. Primarily blue and white, but also blanc-de-chine, famille verte, noire, Chinese Imari, Armorial wares and Canton porcelain examples will be discussed from both identification and value perspectives. Significant collectors and the most current research findings in this area will also be discussed.

Cobalt Blue: The Origins, Evolution and Legacy of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

The global impact of Chinese blue and white porcelain will be discussed, including its origins in the Tang dynasty, sources of cobalt, as well as the visual aesthetics of decorative patterns, and reasons for its popularity and legacy.  Attention will be given to specific differences in the evolution of the blue decoration over time and value factors in the current market for this type of porcelain.  The famous Yuan Dynasty ‘David’ vases will be highlighted, along with other examples such as Kraak ware, Transitional Ware and Qing Dynasty exports. 

This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020.

Collecting the Presidents: Especially Lincoln
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Joe Garrera

During this webinar attendees will learn the following: 
1. How collecting the Presidents can be fun 
2. The complex nature of this type of collecting 
3. Reveal sources that will assist appraisers in determining basic values

Don't Drink and Appraise, An introduction to Appraising Wine
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Thomas Gallagher, ISA

In this webinar you will learn the basics of wine appraising.  You will learn what information you will need from a wine bottle, how to look at a wine label.  We will look at what clues the bottle can give you regarding its condition.  Finally, we will discuss the current state of the wine market, both domestically and internationally, and how regulations have been effecting the value of wine. 

Fundamentals of Watch Appraising
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Joe Cohen

During this webinar Joe Cohen identifies experience, training and skill necessary for watch appraisals. As well as the keys to understanding watch and appraisal factors and the effects of various factors of watch values.

Goddess of Mercy: Buddhism and its Symbolism in Asian Art (Webinar)
$40.00 Fine Art Susan Lahey, MA, ISA AM

The webinar will introduce Buddhism and its symbolism to fellow appraisers in a variety of media- textiles, sculpture, bronzes, ivory as observed in objects from China, Japan and Korea.  Values on all the objects used as examples will be discussed and the current market for Buddhist-themed works of Art. 

Hello, Dolly
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Rachel Hoffman, ISA AM

Join accredited doll appraiser Rachel Hoffman as she guides you in the ins and outs of the antique and vintage doll industry. She will give you insight on the types of dolls you will see a lot of in your appraisal practice and give a basic guide to quickly identifying common reproductions that you will find as an appraiser in typical households. She will also discuss what is ‘trending’ in the doll world and there will be a couple surprises along the way! 

Home Furnishings and Accessories Currently Being Produced and Retailed
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Jeff Baker, ISA AM

Importing from Asia and other parts of the globe has greatly changed what the average consumer is furnishing their homes with these items and they in turn appear in many appraisal projects.  The challenges for appraisers include identifying wood, materials and techniques that are have only appeared in the market place in the last 20 years. 

How to Appraise Pianos
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts David Estey

During “How to Appraise Pianos,” David will be sharing which questions are the right questions, to get the right answers. How to determine condition and whether or not you need to hire a piano expert.

Identifying Prints: Original, Fake or Reproduction?
$40.00 Fine Art Melanie Smith, ISA AM

In this presentation, Melanie goes over the different types of common prints, points out the identifying characteristics of each type of print and shares common problems to avoid. 

Internet Marketing Tools for the Appraiser
$40.00 Business Development Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP

This webinar presents an overview of how to succeed and raise your profile through internet branding. Key points include: branding, social media and online promotion and advertising. 

Introduction to Appraisal Photography
$40.00 Fine Art John Craughan, ISA CAPP

This presentation will help you define your photography system, identify your equipment needs and set up your procedures so that the photos you take enhance your reports.

Introduction to Appraising Rugs
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Ellen Amirkhan, ISA CAPP

This presentation covers rug identification and construction, commonly encountered rugs and where to find comparables as well as what factors effect value.

Introduction to Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur
$40.00 Fine Art Candace Perry

This webinar outlines what Fraktur is and what it is not, as well as the different forms of Fraktur.

Jewelry from Designers to Diamonds, is Your Client a Collector or Investor?
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Amy Lawch, ISA AM, GG

How do you differentiate your clients who are collectors of jewelry versus those who are actually investors. The investors are generally a whole level above the collectors . Some investors may have started out as collectors, others have only invested in diamonds or designer jewelry to enhance their portfolios. The investors are a group who are quite savvy and are buying to sell more frequently than a collector. There are many jewelry designers who are names known to the public that are popular in the retail markets of today. Names such as Roberto Coin, John Hardy and David Yurman versus designers like Schlumberger who've stood the test of time. I'll discuss the retail versus the secondary jewelry markets. The current diamond market with it's pitfalls for collectors and investors will be explored.

Later Japanese Ceramics
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

Appraisers often encounter 19th and 20th century Japanese ceramics in their investigations. This webinar explores three of the most common types, Satsuma, Imari and Kutani. We will look at production processes, appropriate descriptions, dating, marks and important names, current and earlier valuations, and sources of information for further research. Older and more recent collecting opportunities for Westerners attracted to these ceramics are cited, including World Fairs displays, Occupation Period department stores and PXs, and specialist dealers. A useful fill-in-the-blank preliminary information form for recording Japanese ceramics on-site will be sent to registrants for the webinar.  

This webinar originally aired from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Leveraging Art Market Trends to Build Your Appraisal Practice (Webinar)
$40.00 Business Development Cindy Charleston Rosenberg, ISA CAPP
Art Market

Shifting collecting patterns, goals and objectives can present powerful business opportunities for appraisers. What are the emerging trends in the management of art as a tangible asset class? How reliable are art market reports, and how can the appraiser use these statistics to build relationships with tax, wealth and legal advisers? 

Learn how to educate wealth managers, attorneys and tax professionals about the seven key questions they should be asking their clients about their collections, and how these discussions can generate repeat sources of high-level appraisal assignments. 

Luxury Watches: From Utilitarian to Phenomenal
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Darlene Wong, FCGmA, ISA CAPP, RMV (CAP-CJA)

A brief history of wrist watches in general with a focus on the origins of the Rolex brand in particular. The emphasis is on the luxury category and the types within, what makes them unique, sought after and attractive to connoisseurs and collectors alike. Includes sample pricing and auction sales to illustrate the costs to purchase as well as what buyers are willing to pay to capture some of these collectible watches.

Mastering the Art of Object Descriptions
$40.00 Fine Art Cathy Peters, ISA CAPP

Cathy Peters' identifies ISA's requirements for fine art descriptions, IRS requirements for art over $20,000 and how to discuss comparables in self-contained reports.

Mid Mod in the Middle
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Valerie Hale, ISA CAPP and Marcus Wadell, ISA AM

Join presenters Valerie Hale and Marcus Wardell as they review mid-century modern furniture.  

Nihonto ~ How to look at Japanese Swords
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Cris Drugan, ISA AM

This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of Japanese Swords or Nihonto. It is designed as an overview to expose you to the many different styles of swords you may run into on your appraisal assignment. Mountings, fittings and construction will be examined for you to be able to distinguish the differences between a Chinese reproduction blade, a machine made blade and a traditionally made blade. Also examined will be flaws that can affect the value of a sword. My goal is for you to be able to identify key indicators for you to value the sword on your own or know when to get help from an expert.

NORMAN ROCKWELL (1894-1978) Leading the way for Illustration Art in its return to Fine Art in the Market (Webinar)
$40.00 Fine Art Lisa Garcia, ISA CAPP

This webinar will discuss the rise in the illustration art market and the changing perceptions of illustration art as fine art in the context of the art of Norman Rockwell. The artist’s paintings, sketches and “original” prints will be discussed with regard to specific sales, notably the artist’s Saturday Evening Post covers, and then conclude with the promulgation of art history by the artist. This webinar originally aired on October 16th, 2018. 

Office Hours with the Director of Education
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Meredith Meuwly at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar originally aired on January 28th, 2020.

Office Hours with the Director of Education
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

*This webinar originally took place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on August 11th, 2020.

Office Hours with the Director of Education
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Meredith Meuwly at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on December 8th, 2020.

Office Hours with the Director of Education
ISA Education Updates

Welcome to the Director of Education's Office Hours. All members are encouraged to call in with their questions about appraisal assignments,  AQB education requirements, and future ISA educational opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to email questions to Meredith Meuwly at directorofeducation@isa-appraisers.org in advance of the webinar.

Although this webinar is free, participants still need to register in advance to receive access to the webinar. 

*This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on February 2nd, 2021.

Part II: Home Furnishings and Accessories
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Jeff Baker, ISA AM

Join Jeff Baker, ISA AM in his presentation covering home furnishings and accessories. 

Petroliana & Automobilia, What is it
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Dan Matthews

The presenter will describe what Petroliana & Automobilia collectibles are, and also what you should look for when doing an appraisal. 

Publishing a Specialty Book
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Charles McCracken, ISA CAPP

During this presentation, Charles McCracken, ISA CAPP provides insight on publishing a specialty book. 

Reclaiming a Masterpiece: Recreating the Original Frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware
$40.00 ISA Education Updates Suzanne Smeaton

The webinar will discuss frame values by focusing on one of the company's largest and most recent projects, the stunning hand-carved and gilded replica of the lost original frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Issues that impact on value such as restoration and rarity will be included.

The Broad Evidence Report (Webinar)
$40.00 ISA Education Updates Leon Castner, PhD, ISA CAPP

This one hour webinar, explaining and clarifying the concept of the Broad Evidence Rule, is open to all appraisers, regardless of previous experience in preparing complex BE appraisals. 

Appraisals prepared under the Broad Evidence Rule are used in insurance and litigation cases when those jurisdictions have opted to settle cases based on any bona fide approach that will provide accurate measures of loss or value.

Although a brief history of the concept as stated in McAnarney v. Newark Fire Insurance Co. from 1928 will be stated, the presentation will be more pragmatic and provide suggestions as to how to perform the appraisal and how the report should be formatted.  It will cover the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the process and seek to be clear, straightforward, and practical.

ISA candidates for CAPP accreditation will be particularly interested since type of report is now required for final peer review.

The Wild and Wacky World of Sports Appraisals
$40.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts Leila Dunbar

In this presentation about the fun and foibles of appraising and auctioning sports memorabilia, Lee Dunbar taps into her 24 years experience to provide valuable insights and give specific resources so that other appraisers can feel confident when presented with a piece of sports history

Topics in Native American Art and the Law
$60.00 Antiques, Furniture + Decorative Arts

The webinar will examine the impact of legislation on practical aspects of illegally excavating, buying, selling, and donating antiquities and objects made for the market.

Highlights of the Webinar will cover

  • American Antiquities Act (1906)
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA, 1970)
  • National Historic Preservation Act: esp. Section 106 (1966 and subsequent amendments)
  • The Endangered Species Act (1973)
  • American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA, 1978 and subsequent Amendment)
  • Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA, 1979)
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA 1990 and subsequent amendments)

This webinar will take place from 2:00-3:00pm CST on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

Understanding Historic Frames
$40.00 Fine Art Bill Adair

This webinar focuses on the basics of describing methods of construction and finishes on historic frames. Presenter, William Adair gave tips on how to accurately identify frames' country of origin and era of manufacture as well as how to judge condition and conservation issues that may affect value.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Clocks for Appraisers
$40.00 Gems & Jewelry Joe Cohen

During this presentation Joe identifies the experience, training and skills necessary for clock appraisals, identifies keys to understanding clocks and appraisal factors as well as effects of various factors of clock values.