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Assets 2021: What You Think You Know About Jewelry Appraising Could Be Wrong!


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What you think you know about appraising jewelry could be wrong. While there may be more to it than you originally thought, there may also be hidden opportunities to create new profit centers in your business, even if you hire out to do it! How can appraisers make more money and still be in alignment with USPAP? This webinar takes you through the basic aspects of jewelry appraising but in terms of 1) limiting your liability, because liability leads to LOSING money), 2) the intermediate stages of how to utilize the new knowledge to create new opportunities and new business, and 3) the advanced stages of utilizing that knowledge in ways you may not have known were possible to create an influx of revenue in your business. Each of these stages is followed through the foundations of appraising jewelry with gemstones, circa dating, and authenticating estate and antique jewelry. Since USPAP allows appraisers to broker or sell items as long as it's disclosed in the conditions, Nicholle shows you how you can remain USPAP-compliant and increase your bottom line in 2021.

Nicholle Mogavero
Appraiser and Buyer, Mayflower Estate Buyers
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.

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