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Assets 2021: The Dealer's Perspective - Brown Wood and War Stories


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In this lecture, we will analyze the market of American furniture. While many feel that the market has been in decline for many years, there is still an undercurrent of strength and desire for American objects. We will look at a comparative analysis of selling pieces in the private market versus the public market, as well as discuss where Americana currently stands. Perspective is everything. While celebrity and exclusivity drive the contemporary art market, our personal concept of pieces are reflected on by our own opinions. We will discuss how perspective and excitement in material affect owners and purchasers, and how this perspective can translate to the public and private markets.

Taylor Thistlethwaite
Dealer in American Fine and Decorative Arts from the 18th to the 20th Century, Thistlethwaite Americana
This session originally aired at the Assets 2021 Annual Conference.

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