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2023 Assets - New Frontiers in Fine Art: Digital Art & NFTs


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$25.00 before December 31, 2025
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Over the last decade, digital assets have become a greater and greater element of clients’ investment portfolios.  Non-fungible Tokens (“NFT”s) denote not just monetary value, but also very nonintuitive assets, such as fine art.  

 The magnitude of the rise in popularity of, and the values attributed to, digital art reached an unprecedented high early in 2021, with the sale of the digital work “Everydays: The First Thousand Days,” by the digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as “Beeple”.   At Christie’s “First Open” auction, the digital collage sold for $69,346,250.  This session will provide a brief introduction to digital art and its importance as an asset in the context of estate planning, charitable giving, and estate administration.  

Nelle is a Partner in the Austin office of Ytterberg Deery Knull LLP.  She works with individual clients on all aspects of their estate, gift and income tax planning and personal legal matters.  In addition to working with clients to fine-tune their personal, charitable, and tax planning goals and put in place the appropriate documents to carry out those intentions in a tax-efficient way, she has advised on a broad range of matters, especially intergenerational wealth transfer using sophisticated approaches for a variety of assets ranging from traditional and alternative investments to residences, works of art, and business interests, including a major league sports team.

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