Specialty & Advanced Studies Committee


To advance the professionalism and effectiveness of personal property appraisers whose specialties:

  • Are outside the boundaries of the Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts (AF+DA) and/or Fine Arts (FA) courses and/or
  • Are at a level of experience and/or expertise far exceeding the content of the AF+DA and FA course curriculum, i.e. a seasoned curator or international auction house specialist


  • Facilitate the advancement to ISA Accredited Membership for current members who have completed the Core Course and USPAP and meet the above criteria
  • Attract potential members with a high level of specialty/experience/expertise/related professional designations to join ISA and advance to accreditation in a timely fashion
  • Maintain clear focus of this special advancement process
  • Provide potential members/current members with ongoing member information and support in the process
  • Evaluate related professional designations and/or courses which might substitute for AF+DA and/or FA courses

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