Official ISA Policies

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  • Bylaws - This link will take you to the rules established and approved by the ISA Board that defines how ISA Members should govern themselves.

  • Cancellation Policies - Written summary that defines the ISA cancellation policies regarding Membership & Course cancellations.

  • Code of Ethics - This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (“Code”) provides guidelines to the members of The International Society of Appraisers (“ISA”) for their professional conduct when acting as an appraiser. The Code is also intended to inform the public, the business community, government agencies, and all those engaging professional appraisers of ISA's ethical standards. Public confidence in the integrity, competency, and ability of the professional personal property appraiser is fundamental to ISA’s mission.

  • Ethics Complaint Procedure - Download the ISA Code of Ethics Disciplinary Procedures document to learn more about who is eligible for ethics complaints and how to make a complaint.

  • ISA Logo Usage - The ISA corporate entity has full rights of usage to the ISA registered name, marks and logos. The ISA corporate entity may also, at its discretion, grant permission for specific usage of the registered entities to ISA members and chapters.  Usage of the ISA name, marks and logos by members of ISA is on a personal basis and cannot be attached to a member's corporation or other business entity. Only an individual ISA member may display or use ISA's name, marks and logos; they may do so only in ways consistent with the ISA Bylaws.

  • AQB Guidelines - Effective January 1, 2018, ISA updated its membership education and experience requirements. These changes were necessitated by the increasing demand for expertise and qualifications within the profession and the expanding standards now required in preparing and developing qualified appraisal reports. To better understand how the updated criteria impacted ISA membership requirements, please review the Appraisers Qualification Board requirements.

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