Congratulating the 2024 ISA Award Winners

Congratulating the 2024 ISA Award Winners

Friday, May 31, 2024 in News

The ISA Annual Awards Program gives us the opportunity to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to help strengthen the mission of ISA and the personal property appraising profession. ISA would like to give a huge thank you to the board, committee members, members, and staff for their hard work in keeping ISA running smoothly throughout the year. The effort and commitment to ISA have not gone unnoticed.

This year, ISA honored much-deserving 2023-2024 award recipients at the ISA Annual Member Business Meeting. Please join ISA in congratulating the winners for their significant contributions to the organization and its members.

Leadership Award - susan Boze, ISA AM

ISA has roared back since COVID, and this year's leadership award is going to a powerhouse who has leveraged that momentum. She chaired and rebuilt the Membership Committee, serves as secretary on the Board of Directors, championed the Meet & Greets behind the scenes and helped guide the launch of the monthly calendar-at a glance.  If that wasn't enough, she sought new ways to forge external alliances with other organizations, which has broadened ISA's outreach and raised our recognition in the industry. It is with great pleasure that we present the 2024 Leadership Award to Susan Boze. 

Rising Leader Award, Barbara Blades-Lines, ISA CAPP

This year's Rising Leader Award goes to a woman who holds the distinction of being ISA's first international member. When she relocated from overseas back to Houston, where she lives today, she helped drive record membership to her Texas ISA Chapter, which, by all measures was a glowing success.  A strong team player with the desire to help everyone reach the finish-line, it is a distinct honor to name Barbara to this award. 

Industry Beacon Award - Bruce Treadway, ISA CAPP

A devoted ambassador for ISA and the guiding force behind the Knowledge Sharing Programs, this year's Industry Beacon Award is going to an inexhaustible long-standing member who serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors and is founder of the KSPs. This program has become a staple in the ISA experience. It has advanced participation in ISA, given voice to our member expertise and created a forum to share our knowledge among each other while inspiring others. 

Outstanding Colleague - Sue McGovern-Huffman, ISA CAPP

This year's Outstanding Colleague Award has been awarded to a woman who has devoted her talents to keeping ISA financially balanced. As the Treasurer of our organization, she has generously taken on this tine-intensive responsibility, while work as an appraiser and assisting fellow colleagues in identifying unusual objects that cause many of us to lose sleep.  She was also instrumental in the professional way in which the association searched for a new management company. 

Outstanding Colleague - Harrison Schley

This award goes to a relatively new member who typifies the mean of collegial.  As an emerging appraiser with an eye toward scholarship, diligence and camaraderie, he early shares his deep knowledge of Asian art and Judaica to those who seek his advice. Nominated by his mentor, who has marveled at his extensive knowledge base, she highlights that it is his concern for others and focus of doing the right thing in the right way that has garnered her great respect. 

Outstanding New Member - Josephine Kontkanen 


This award goes to a woman, who in her first foray in ISA passed the Core Course and USPAP, while holding down an 8-5 full time job. As a professional working artist, she has ambitiously embarked on the journey of personal property appraising with tenacity and vigor. Expanding into a new career while working full time in another career is no easy feat considering the rigors of ISA course work. 

Outstanding New Member - lauren Villareal

This award goes to the recipient of the ISAEF 2023 gold scholarship and the eBay Up and Running Grant a year prior. After passing the Core Course, USPAP and the AF+ DA course within her first 18 months, she simultaneously runs a successful vintage business, interns for an ISA member company, cares for her mother and volunteers in her community. This past winter in Illinois, her house was literally torn down around her while she was working on a 1000-piece damage claim assignment and never skipped a beat.  With a "Can Do" attitude to everything that is asked of her, she also brought in and completed her own first Appraisal assignment. 

Lifetime Achievement Award - Daphne Rosensweig, PhD, ISA CAPP


As an ISA member since 1983, she served on the ISA National Board during a tumultuous time in our Society's history, bringing her experience working in large educational institutions, businesses and leadership to the table. Her distinguished service was performed with her sharp intellect, cooperation and humor, which has helped ISA to flourish.  She is the backbone of the ISA Asian Arts special studies program and has taught numerous courses in the Asian arts field while working as a full-time professor, appraiser and consultant while raising a family. She has mentored many ISA appraisers and to many is she is the go-to person with questions about Asian jades, art, painting, prints and ceramics. 

President's Award - Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP 


She is a pillar of the ISA community and has contributed to ISA for many years undertaking every possible role, including that of President of ISA. She has published on complex appraisal methodology, served on several ISA committees and is currently a Trustee on the Boar of the Appraisal Foundation. She has an impressive record of advocacy for ISA and has served as a stalwart and devoted member, colleague and ambassador. She has held numerous leadership positions and is known for her innovative solutions. She has worked tirelessly to position personal property appraisers on equal footing with their real estate counterparts and assisted in obtaining status of ran ISA representation on the Appraisal Foundation. 

2024 ISA Certified Appraisers of Personal Property - CAPP

Please join ISA in congratulating our newest Certified members.

Rachel Enright, ISA CAPP

Rebecca Hogge, ISA CAPP

Pamela Jaynes, ISA CAPP

Richelle Kokol, ISA CAPP

Lindsey Owen, ISA CAPP

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