Payment Plan

Terms & Conditions

By selecting the option to use the ISA Payment Plan, you authorize ISA to charge the credit card you provide on a schedule of installments as outlined in your confirmation materials. Additional or ancillary fees such as the $30 processing fee will be charged in full with your initial payment. Credit cards that expire before your installment schedule is complete will not be accepted.

Once enrolled in ISA’s Payment Plan, you also agree to pay all dues and fees shown in your payment confirmation total. If a scheduled installment payment fails for any reason, you will receive an email communication notifying you of this and instructing you to contact ISA to provide updated payment information. Until ISA receives your updated payment details, you will be removed from the payment plan and your membership and/or access to any ISA program or event you have purchased under the payment plan will be suspended.

Payment plans are offered to ISA members for live and live online courses with a registration fee of $385 and above. The payment plan option is only available 90 days or more from course start date. For on demand courses, payment plan is available at the time of registration.

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