2024 ISA Education Foundation Scholarship Applications Open

2024 ISA Education Foundation Scholarship Applications Open

Monday, March 18, 2024 in News, Education

Each year the ISA Education Foundation awards scholarships to qualifying applicants to support their growth professionally and academically.  The application will be available March 15, 2024. The deadline is May 15th, 2024, and scholarship awards will be announced on June 1st, 2024.

If you are interested in a scholarship to advance your skillset and career, please read below and apply today!

The International Society of Appraisers Education Foundation's Mission

The International Society of Appraisers Education Foundation's mission is to raise funds and award scholarships to those seeking to improve their knowledge in the field of personal property appraising. As a nonprofit organization independent of any professional appraisal societies, the foundation welcomes all appraisers to become members and/or apply for scholarships. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, we believe that the pursuit of appraisal education is a worthy endeavor to support.

Background on the ISA Education Foundation

Founded in 2003 as The ISA Education Foundation, the organization was officially established under Illinois law and granted nonprofit status. In the summer of 2008, the name changed to The Foundation for Appraisal Education (FAE) to help denote the organization as a separate corporate entity from its parent organization, The International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Gloria Moroni, Rick Casagrande, Anne Blumer, CD Gallimore, and Nancy Bangiola were the first Board of Directors of the Corporation. The foundation is not affiliated with the Appraisal Foundation (TAF), which is the Congressionally authorized non-profit organization dedicated to promoting professionalism in appraising through the establishment of appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications. In 2022, the organization changed its name back to the ISA Education Foundation in an effort to identify the individuals that fund the organization, ISA appraiser members.

The ISA Education Foundation was formed to advance the education, capabilities, and skills of personal property appraisers through scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to applicants for educational development and skill advancement accomplished by attending courses, classes, workshops and conferences (ISA, ASA, or AAA annual conferences are excluded) related to personal property appraising. 

Qualifying Applicants and Scholarship Funds

The foundation supports recent graduates, entry-level up to seasoned appraisers-anyone seeking excellence and advancement within the appraisal profession by becoming better educated and qualified appraisers. Scholarships monies are raised by the foundation through yearly fund-raising with the goal of ever increasing the amount of funds available.

Scholarships Available

For 2024 scholarships, the ISA Education Foundation is offering 13 scholarships totaling $10,000 to support appraisal education and competency.

2024 Scholarships include:

  • Ruth Isgro Scholarship Award up to $1,000.00
  • Gloria Moroni Scholarship Award up to $1,000.00
  • Wendy M. Gerdau Scholarship Award up to $1,000.00
  • Four ISA Education Foundation Gold Scholarship Awards up to $1,000.00 each
  • Six ISA Education Foundation Silver Scholarship Awards up to $500.00 each

When to Apply


  • DEADLINE for Submitting Applications: May 15, 2024
  • Applications not accepted after this date
  • Please note: You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of receipt of your application.  
  • If you do not receive a confirmation contact: info@isaeductionfoundation.org
  • Recipients will have one year from the date the scholarship is awarded to complete their course, class or workshop. 


Where to Apply

For additional information and scholarship applications visit


How to Apply

  • To apply for a scholarship, submit a completed application prior to taking a course, class or workshop.  
  • Scholarship recipients are limited to receive one (1) scholarship per scholarship cycle. Scholarships cannot be applied retroactively. 
  • Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the sponsor of the course, class, or workshop you have selected on this application. 
  • Scholarships are awarded for costs for tuition of courses, classes, workshops, or programs. 
  • Travel, accommodations, or other associated expenses are not eligible. 
  • Scholarships will be awarded only for one (1) educational class, workshop, or course, related to personal property appraising per recipient; amount awarded will be for the actual cost of the course, up to the amount posted.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to submit an impact statement of this scholarship and a photo of themselves; monies will not be paid out until after receipt of statement and photo.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

  • All scholarships are open to both new (less than 2 years experience) and experienced appraisers, students, and individuals seeking to further their educational development in the area of personal property appraising. 
  • Applicants from all appraisal societies are welcome. 
  • Past winners within the previous five (5) years are not eligible. 
  • Directors, officers, and employees of the International Society of Appraisers and the ISA Education Foundation, members of the ISA Education Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee and their relatives are not eligible to apply for ISA Education Foundation Scholarships.

Thank you and good luck on your application!





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