Listening to the Object: Chinese Art Connoisseurship

Listening to the Object: Chinese Art Connoisseurship

Thursday, November 29, 2018 in Education

by Susan Lahey, ISA AM, MA

Did you know that 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Asia Week in New York? And that it’s actually more than a week (March 13-21, 2019) dedicated to celebrating the crème de la crème of Asian art? What better place could there be to learn the essential strategies for identifying the visual cues of composition, material and workmanship in Chinese art than the upcoming ISA connoisseurship short course, "Chinese Art - Listening to the Object"?

Led by Susan Lahey, ISA AM, MA, President of Eastern Art Consultants Inc., a select group of appraisers will have the opportunity to study the connoisseurship of the three traditional Chinese collecting areas of porcelain, jade and paintings. Museums, auction houses, and galleries feature special exhibitions and previews in a celebration which attracts curators and buyers from around the globe.

The course will kick off with a private tour of the Chinese Art Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday, March 17, followed by two classroom days on March 18 and 19 held at Sotheby’s headquarters, where students will also enjoy their auction preview led by a Senior Asian Art Specialist.

Visits to a top local Chinese art gallery, and the superlative collection at the Asia Society with Susan will be highlights of this extraordinary learning experience. Don’t miss out on this intensive, hands-on course which will increase your comfort and confidence in appraising Chinese art. These will be full, memorable days enjoying the best that New York City has to offer during Asia Week.

Register now for ISA's upcoming Connoisseurship Short Course: Chinese Art - Listening to the Object.

Susan Lahey, ISA AM, MA is the president of Eastern Art Consultants, Inc., and specializes in Asian art.


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