Why Join ISA?

You are a personal property appraiser. Here's why you should join the ISA.

Qualifications Matter

Unlike real estate appraisers, there is no state or federal licensing for personal property appraisers. Yet, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) has become the golden standard in the industry. ISA is one of only a few personal property appraisal organizations that belong to The Appraisal Foundation (TAFAC), the congressionally mandated authority that promulgates USPAP. ISA requires all members to comply with USPAP and have higher appraisal standards than many other appraisal organizations.

Knowledgeable clients (e.g., gatekeepers such as banks, attorneys, etc.) generally choose ISA appraisers. They are seeking qualified appraisers who are in compliance with USPAP, are educated with USPAP updates every two years, maintain high ethical standards, and have been trained to produce high-caliber reports. These clients generally offer larger appraisal projects and often become long-standing clients.

As an avid sponsor of The Appraisal Foundation, ISA supports and promotes TAFAC’s compliance criteria for qualifying and continuing education, experience and examination of its designated members.

When you submit your reports written to ISA standards, you can be confident that they will stand up to scrutiny, whether it be the client’s expectations or cross-examination on the witness stand.

Convenience is Crucial to Your Success

In today’s busy world, convenience is important. ISA has one of the most convenient pathways to achieving membership, then accreditation, and finally certification. Yet, we don’t sacrifice quality for convenience. Instead of shortening courses to the point where they provide little substance, ISA has maintained quality courses but increased accessibility.

We have online and in-person courses available throughout the year with technology that allows for easily accessible webinars, live-streaming and video conferencing. The courses are designed to meet your needs whether you are trying to complete course work at your own pace while working full time or whether you would prefer to finish your course work in a few weeks through our onsite classes. With either option, you receive a top-notch education that fits into your busy life.

Marketing Support that Makes a Difference

First, we have a “Find an ISA Member” function on our website that allows the public to find a qualified ISA appraiser by specialty and by location. Many ISA Members have experienced business growth directly from inquiries submitted through this easy-to-use searchable database.

ISA has created marketing brochures that you can customize. These professionally-designed materials allow you to put together personalized marketing packets for gatekeepers such as financial professionals, insurance agents, and attorneys.
Free of charge ISA logos for each level of membership can easily be substituted for a company logo that might cost you thousands of dollars to develop.

ISA’s specialized ISA Means Business Toolbox is designed to provide valuable information and material to help ISA members build successful appraisal practices, saving both time and money.

In addition to the above, ISA has diligently marketed its Society to important users of appraisal services (e.g. Chubb Webinar program). Raising the profile of ISA drives more users of appraisal services to the ISA website and to you.

Other ISA Appraisers

We offer an optional ambassador program for new members. Volunteer ISA Ambassador members provide helpful information and assistance to new members navigating member benefits, networking opportunities, the ISA annual conference, and educational offerings.

ISA members who find themselves busy or faced with assignments outside of their expertise almost always refer these jobs to other ISA appraisers. Thus, you have over 800 potential referral sources the moment you join ISA and become a member. As with any other referral source, you need to nurture the relationships that you build within ISA, but networking is easy.

ISA members are knowledgeable, cordial, and lots of fun. Networking with ISA appraisers at onsite classes or our annual conference, Assets, is the best way to stay connected to ISA. Not only will you be able to take advantage of outstanding educational programs, but you will also be able to create your own network of appraisers for referrals, collaborations, and general sounding boards once back in the office. The best part of ISA is that everyone is warm and welcoming, and our organization is well-known in the industry for our positivity and friendliness. Many appraisers report that some of their life-long personal and professional relationships come from ISA.

To support its membership throughout the United States and Canada, ISA has established local chapters in many geographic locations. Local or regional chapters provide the opportunity for ISA candidates and appraisers to obtain educational credits, create informal mentoring relationships, assist one another with appraisal assignments, and/or provide referrals to related professionals (e.g., conservators, framers, etc.).

ISA: Advancing Excellence…

ISA believes that professional advancement, continued education, and requalification is vitally important in providing the public with professional personal property appraisers they can trust.

ISA: Advancing Excellence