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Membership Levels and Designations

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ISA believes that professional advancement and requalification is important to provide the public with members they can trust. Your ISA educational record will be reviewed in May each year. Credentialed members must fulfill the requirements of their membership classification including USPAP every two years and Requalification every five years. If you are not compliant with your educational requirements you will be lowered to the preceding classification until those requirements are fulfilled.

  1. Must return three (3) references with acceptable ratings.
  2. Will be expected to adhere to the ISA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, if currently appraising. All applicants for ISA Candidate status are required to sign the affidavit section of the ISA Membership application stating that they have read and agree to abide by these requirements.
  3. May not advertise or affiliate themselves in any way with ISA.
  4. Pays the stated annual membership dues and receives available discounts on qualified products and ISA events.

After an application is received, an email is sent to the four references. Once three of the four references have been received with acceptable endorsements and a copy of the applicant resume is on file, the applicant is at the Candidate level.  An email is sent notifying them of status. Candidates for Membership can maintain this level of membership for a maximum of five (5) years.  After five (5) years, Candidates for Membership will be dropped from the membership.

Member — ISA

  1. Successfully complete the ISA Core Course or an equivalent course of appraisal study approved by ISA.
  2. Document three or more years of satisfactory market-related experience in the chosen specialty field(s) by submitting resumé.
  3. Write appraisals according to the ISA Appraisal Report Writing Standard and abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in appraisal dealings. Will be subject to discipline by the Ethics Committee if non-compliant.
  4. Present documentation of successful completion of a 15-Hour Personal Property USPAP Course.
  5. May state that he/she is a Member of the International Society of Appraisers; may use the ISA initials followed by "Member of the International Society of Appraisers" under their signature line and on any printed materials with or without the ISA logo.
  6. Fulfill the ISA requalification requirements for the Member level every five years or the designation will revert to Candidate.
  7. Will receive all member benefits offered by ISA other than those requiring specific education or designation levels he/she does not yet possess.
  8. Will be listed on the ISA searchable database and used for appraisal referrals.
  9. If you earn your ISA Member designation after January 1, 2018, you will have three years to advance to the ISA Accredited Member (AM) level. If you have not earned your AM designation after three years, you will revert back to the Candidate level of membership.

Accredited Member — ISA AM

  1. Satisfy all "Member" level requirements.
  2. Demonstrate essential methodology knowledge in his/her chosen field(s) in one of the following ways:
    1. Present documentation of successful completion of an ISA approved methodology pathway course of study (e.g.: GG, FGA, graduate degree in field of concentration, certificate of completion from a recognized ISA approved continuing education or vocational program, etc.).
    2. Successful completion of an existing ISA personal property survey course with exam in the chosen pathway. Personal property methodology pathways include concentrations in Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts or Fine Art.
    3. Present personal property methodology proficiency work product for analysis and approval by an ISA peer group review panel made up of members from the applicable pathway. Additional information may be requested as deemed appropriate by the review panel.
      • For options 'a' and 'c' an AM application and accompanying fee must be submitted. Please contact Michelle VanAlstyne at for application details.
      • For more information about completing both AF+DA and Fine Art Courses for dual concentrations, please contact Meredith Meuwly at
  3. Submit an Insurance Appraisal including 5 items in the chosen pathway after above educational credential or White Paper has been accepted by the Specialty and Advanced Studies Committee. Candidate has 45 days to submit appraisal after it is requested by the Committee.
  4. Present documentation of successful completion of a 15-Hour Personal Property USPAP Course.
  5. Present documentation of 700 hours of appraisal-related experience.
  6. In order to advance to the Accredited Member (AM) level, you will need to complete 30 semester hours from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university. This requirement does not have to be new college credit or college credit earned after becoming an ISA Member, degrees and college credit from accredited institutions earned in the past can be applied for this requirement.
  7. May use the ISA AM designation on printed materials with the member's name, with or without the ISA logo. Must include ISA AM followed by ISA Accredited Member under their signature line.
  8. Write to the ISA Appraisal Report Writing Standards and abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in his/her appraisal dealings. Non-compliance will be subject to discipline by the Ethics Committee.
  9. Fulfill the ISA requalification requirements and the Appraisal Foundation AQB continuing education criteria for Accredited Members or the designation will revert back to "Member, ISA".
  10. Will be listed on the ISA searchable database and used for referrals.

Certified Member — ISA CAPP

Apply for CAPP Designation

  1. Fulfill all ISA AM requirements.
  2. Submit CAPP application and pay the accompanying fee.
  3. Present documentation of successful completion of a 15-Hour Personal Property USPAP Course.
  4. Document 900 hours doing appraisal-related experience, hours to have been accrued within the past five (5) years.
  5. Complete a certification examination based on application of appraisal theory, principles, methodology, ethics and report writing standards to real-life appraisal scenarios involving the appraisal functions typically encountered by personal property appraisers.
  6. Submit one appraisal report for a broad evidence case (supplied by ISA) that considers a multi-objective problem including fair market valuation, replacement costs, scrap and/or salvage value, etc. This assignment will examine the appraiser’s ability to develop and report multiple valuations and substantiate the results.
  7. Submit documentation of required 100 professional development credits.
    1. ISA approved activities that provide substantive enhancement of appraisal skills or specialty knowledge will be accepted for credit.
    2. Guidelines for credits will match those approved for requalification (with the single exception that professional development credit will not be given for billable appraisal hours when earning a CAPP because completed appraisal hours are a separate requirement for achieving a CAPP designation).
  8. Complete CAPP processing within three years from the date of enrollment in the program or CAPP applicant will be dropped and be required to start the process over again from the beginning (pay the fee, take the exam, submit the appraisal reports, etc.)
  9. May use the ISA CAPP designation on printed materials along with his/her name, with or without the ISA logo. Must include ISA CAPP followed by ISA Certified Appraiser of Personal Property under their signature line.
  10. Fulfill the ISA requalification requirements for Certified Member every five years or the ISA CAPP designation will become ISA AM (Accredited Member).
  11. Will be listed on the ISA searchable database and used for referrals.

Honorary designation:

Life Member — ISA Life Member

Life Member is an honorary designation for Accredited or Certified Members in good standing who have reached the age of 65 and have maintained membership with ISA for a minimum of twenty years.  A maximum of two Life Awards may be honored each year.

  1. Submit Life Membership application outlining their professional history and reason for requesting the Life Member Classification to the President, ISA Board of Directors. The current application is available by contacting Michelle VanAlstyne at ISA headquarters,
    1. a. The application should address: ISA Membership, service to ISA, and service to the appraisal profession.
    2. b. Attach current professional resume.
  2. Applications must be received by December 1st.  Awards will be presented at the following Assets Annual Spring Conference.
  3. The ISA Board of Directors will review the application and determine eligibility to award the Life Member Classification at their discretion.
  4. May use the ISA Life Member designation on printed materials along with his/her name, with or without the ISA logo. Must include ISA Life Member followed by his/her division specialty.
  5. Must fulfill the ISA requalification requirements for the Member level every five years.
  6. Will retain all membership benefits and will be listed on the ISA searchable database and used for referrals.
  7. Dues will be one half of regular membership.

no designation:

Student Affiliate

For individuals with an interest in a career as a personal property appraiser who are currently enrolled and in good standing in an accredited university, college or other educational program (“School”) acceptable to ISA.

  1. Applicants will provide proof of student status via document upload during application for membership. Proof may consist of a picture of a student ID, enrollment confirmation email, course schedule, letter from adviser, etc.
  2. Applicants will provide an anticipated graduation date.
  3. A Student Affiliate may not perform appraisal services or represent him/herself as an appraiser.
  4. A Student Affiliate may identify him/herself as a “Student Affiliate of the International Society of Appraisers” but may not use any ISA designations or ISA logos. A Student Affiliate is not eligible to serve on committees and may not vote.

All received applications will be reviewed prior to approval. Student Affiliate status is limited to six (6) total years (successive or non-successive). Once a Student Affiliate passes the anticipated graduation date provided or reaches their 6-year limit, they will be encouraged to re-apply for ISA membership at the Candidate level.

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