Application Requirements

The ISA Private Client Services program is intended to educate ISA appraisers who wish to work with high-net-worth clients and their collections. Participants will learn best practices and how to work with the gatekeepers specializing in Private Client Services. While not a certification, after completion of the program, ISA appraisers can use the ISA Private Client Services affiliation to promote this service in their appraisal practices.

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General Requirements

  • Complete the ISA Private Client Services seminar, Appraising in the World of High-Net-Worth Individuals, in person or as a recorded webinar
  • Be in compliance with the most current USPAP and up to date in educational requirements
  • Be in compliance with AQB regulations and standards
  • Have an ISA AM designation or higher
  • Be an ISA member in good standing

Member Level Requirements (choose one)

  • ISA CAPP member applicants must meet four of the eleven Private Client Services program acceptance requirements
  • ISA AM member applicants must apply for the CAPP program within three months and complete the CAPP process within one year in addition to meeting six of the eleven program acceptance requirements
  • ISA AM applicants must complete an ISA Advanced Appraisal Methodology Course within one year and meet eight of the eleven program Acceptance Requirements

Acceptance Requirements

  1. Has been appraising at the ISA AM level or above for a minimum of five years.
  2. Has worked consistently with HNWI commercial clients such as financial planners, estate attorneys, banks, institutions, museums, lenders, etc.
  3. Published professional writing in a specialty area, connoisseurship, or appraisal theory and methodology. Examples include academic journals, trade industry articles, and chapters in reference books.
  4. Made five professional presentations within the past five years.
  5. Valued over $1 million (collectively) annually for the past three years in fine art or $500,000 (collectively) annually in other personal property categories.
  6. Completed advanced appraisal course work such as Expert Witness class or ISA Connoisseurship courses. Representative qualifying courses must be at least eight-hour programs. Course acceptance will be based upon a committee review.
  7. Have completed a Winterthur Institute Program, MESDA Institute program, or another Fine Art/Decorative Arts/Specialty Area program. Other recognized certificate programs on connoisseurship may be accepted based upon application committee review.
  8. Obtained a Masters of Fine or Decorative Arts from an accredited college or university. Examples include a Sotheby's Master's degree, Christie's Master's degree, Smithsonian Decorative Arts degree, or a Winterthur/University of Delaware Material Culture degree. Other recognized university degrees related to connoisseurship and/or specialty area may be accepted based upon application committee review.
  9. Currently or previously served as an ISA Committee Chair and/or ISA Board of Directors member.
  10. Have attended three out of five recent past ISA conferences.
  11. Have instructed classes on Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Appraisal Methodology, or Specialty Study for a minimum of eight class hours.

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