ISA Appraiser FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often are specialty courses offered by ISA? Is a prerequisite required?
    1. The Fine Art course and Antiques & Residential Content course are offered on-site and through Distance Education. Distance Education courses can be started at any time. Other specialty courses including Asian Art, Modernism and Oriental Rugs are offered periodically. Please refer to the current year education schedule to identify which courses are being offered.
    2. No prerequisites are required for any specialty course.
  2. Does ISA keep track of my renewal timelines for accreditation purposes? If so, how would I be notified?
    1. Requalification is required for all credentialed members every five years.
    2. When membership is renewed each year or a membership level changes, Headquarters notifies members of their Requalification deadline.
  3. Does a receipt and brochure of the seminars I attend for Continuing Ed. suffice as proof of hours?
    1. Members are required to keep track of their own professional development credits. A receipt and brochure would suffice for submitted points within Requalification packet.
  4. What benefits does ISA provide in regards to promoting our membership to the public?
    • The Circle of Trust
    • The ISA Find an Appraiser search tool
    • SEO with Google Search improving ISA’s search before the public
    • Professionally designed marketing materials
    • Networking and referral opportunities with Affiliated Business Partners
  5. How can I become involved in ISA locally, regionally, or nationally?
    1. ISA Chapters are a great way to become involved locally with other ISA members. Local chapters serve the vital function of providing a forum of like-minded professionals to meet on a frequent basis. Visit the Chapters page of the ISA website to find a chapter near you!
    2. ISA committees serve both the members and the organization, providing a training field for future leaders and ensuring group participation in problem solving, planning, and growth. If you are interested in volunteering on an ISA committee, please visit the Committees page of the ISA website.
  6. What is the organizational structure of ISA?

    The Board of Directors is elected by the membership, then the Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee, which is comprised of a President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. The BOD are ISA members in good standing, volunteering to serve the members. Their duties include budgeting for educational programs and Assets Conference, overseeing committees, and providing support to members. A list of ISA Board of Directors can be found by clicking here.

  7. How can I contact the leadership in ISA?

    ISA Headquarters can answer most member questions at 312.981.6778. If an ISA member needs to speak directly with a BOD member, they are welcome to contact them personally.
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