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  1. Brady L. Dreasher Brady L. Dreasher ISA CAPP Certified

    Antiquities, Art, Carpets & Rugs, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Music - Instruments

    (316) 613-9686 – Denver, CO, United States & Omaha, NE, United States & Wichita, KS, United States & St. Louis, MO, United States & Indianapolis, IN, United States & Aspen, CO, United States & Vail, CO, United States & Boulder, CO, United States & Kansas City, MO, United States & Cincinnati, OH, United States & Colorado Springs, CO, United States & Deerfield, IL, United States

  2. Charles Pharr Charles Pharr ISA CAPP Certified

    (770) 534-6611 – Oakwood, GA, United States

  3. Judith Martin Judith Martin ISA CAPP Certified

    (630) 665-5200 – Arlington Heights , IL, United States

  4. Susan Sturdivant Susan Sturdivant ISA CAPP Certified Private Client Services

    Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Glass, Porcelain, Silver

    (214) 522-0460 – Dallas, TX, United States

  5. Bruce O Treadway Bruce O Treadway ISA CAPP Certified Private Client Services

    Arms & Armor - Firearms, Art, Collectibles, Furniture, Silver

    (847) 278-0434 – Barrington, IL, United States

  6. Lottie M. Stevens Lottie M. Stevens ISA AM

    Art, Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Silver

    (918) 850-7136 – Tulsa, OK, United States & Tulsa, OK, United States & Houston, TX, United States

  7. Jennifer  E Salvetti-Kulla, MA Jennifer E Salvetti-Kulla, MA ISA AM

    Art - 20th Century, Paintings, Paintings - 20th Century, Sculpture

  8. Lisa Kriss Lowy Lisa Kriss Lowy ISA AM

    Art, Art - 20th Century, Art - American, Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories

    (440) 773-4664 – AURORA, OH, United States

  9. Allyssa B Hixenbaugh Allyssa B Hixenbaugh ISA AM

    Art, Books, Collectibles - Dolls & Doll Houses, Paintings, Silver - British

    (614) 706-4258 – Columbus, OH, United States

  10. June W. Hayes June W. Hayes ISA AM

    Decorative Arts & Accessories, Silver, Textiles, Victoriana, Wine

    (210) 844-2130 – San Antonio, TX, United States

  11. Carrie Young Carrie Young ISA AM

    Art, Bronzes, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture

    (312) 535-3580 – Addison, IL, United States & Chicago, IL, United States & Evanston, IL, United States & Madison, WI, United States

  12. David Sanders David Sanders ISA AM

    Ceramics, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Objet d'art & De Vertu, Silver

    (251) 680-8538 – Mobile, AL, United States

  13. Lauren Michelle Parker Lauren Michelle Parker ISA AM

    Art, Art - Impressionist & Modern, Art - Spanish Colonial, Artifacts & Archeological Items, Paintings

    (305) 393-7703 – Key West, FL, United States & Miami, FL, United States & Naples, FL, United States & Boca Grande, FL, United States

  14. Reba Jo Fleming Reba Jo Fleming ISA AM

    (806) 341-0754 – Amarillo, TX, United States

  15. Rita K McGhee Rita K McGhee ISA AM

    Books, Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Glass

  16. Lynn Magnusson Lynn Magnusson ISA AM

    Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Objet d'art & De Vertu, Silver - Sterling

    9734251550121 – Morristown, NJ, United States

  17. Tomme Lu Riklin Tomme Lu Riklin ISA AM

    (210) 222-0265 – San Antonio, TX, United States

  18. Diane S. Pease Diane S. Pease ISA AM

    (817) 925-9466 – Fort Worth, TX, United States

  19. Bianca M Gonzalez LoCicero Bianca M Gonzalez LoCicero ISA

    Art, Ceramics, Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Photography & Photographs

    (305) 510-4703 – Miami, FL, United States & Hollywood, FL, United States & Key Largo, FL, United States

  20. Eric J Jenior Eric J Jenior ISA

    Arts & Crafts, Collectibles, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Transport - Cars

    (330) 206-0974 – Canton, OH, United States

  21. Helen Delacretaz Helen Delacretaz ISA

    Art, Art - Canadian, Artifacts & Archeological Items, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Paintings

    Victoria, BC, Canada

  22. Olivia C Helmer Olivia C Helmer ISA

    Art, Artifacts & Archeological Items, Decorative Arts & Accessories, Furniture, Paintings

    (786) 239-7941 – Alexandria, LA, United States

  23. Scott D. Singer Scott D. Singer ISA

    (206) 285-0394 – Seattle, WA, United States

  24. Jessica Berger Jessica Berger ISA

    Art, Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture

    (224) 689-4386 – Arlington Heights, IL, United States


ISA CAPP—Certified
Highest level of education in ISA and the appraisal industry. Meets Accredited Member standards, has completed 900 documented hours of appraisal reporting and has completed the Certified Appraisal of Personal Property examination.
ISA AM—Accredited
Satisfies Member level requirements and demonstrates knowledge in their field through education or specialty expert work in that field.
Completed the ISA Core Course in Appraisal Studies, documented three or more years satisfactory market-related experience in their field and is educated in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Life Member
Certified or Accredited member in good standing who has maintained membership for at least 20 consecutive years.

Private Client Services
Individuals who have met the qualifications of the ISA Private Client Services program.

Clients should independently confirm the competency of an appraiser in any declared specialty.

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