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Thomas A. Osorio
ISA member since Sep 20, 2018

1630 30th St, ste A522
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Thomas Osorio started drawing in 2003 and began his professional exposure to the art world in 2010 with the beginning of his attendance of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. It was at this institution that Osorio honed his skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, lithography, copper plate etching, color theory, and digital art. It was over the course of the next four years that he would gain the skills to critique art in a studio and classroom setting, write in a clear and concise manner about the vision of his artwork, and gain the critical thinking skills to define for himself what being an artist in the current day and age entails. Thomas Osorio gained experience in a variety of areas related to the art world during his time at Pratt Institute. These include working as a studio assistant for two well-known artists (Mary Mattingly & Greg Lindquist) and working at a fine art gallery in Chelsea; the largest art district of New York City. Upon graduating he also made his way into teaching and working on a public urban art project in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Osorio continued his education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. While at SAIC he expanded his understanding of painting, digital media, and contemporary art. He also assisted various professors in the classroom as a teaching assistant. Osorio graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018. Following his graduation, he began his journey with Art of Estates learning about the important data points on the different types of property encountered during the inventory process on expansive collections for IRS Estate and Insurance appraisals.


  • Art - 19th Century
  • Art - 20th Century
  • Art - European
  • Art - Impressionist & Modern
  • Art Deco & Art Nouveau


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