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The Appraisal of Japanese Prints

Jun 19

Course Details

Date Monday, June 19, 2017 to Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Time 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Location Alfred R. Goldstein Library
2700 Bradenton Rd, Room 314
Sarasota, FL
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$575.00 before June 12, 2017
$675.00 before June 12, 2017
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What appraiser does not encounter a Japanese print in a general appraisal of household contents, or in the context of an estate division, insurance scheduling or intended donation? “The Appraisal of Japanese Prints” two-day seminar to be held in Sarasota, FL June 19-20, 2017 (with an additional field trip day on June 21, 2017) introduces the important cultural, historical, stylistic, technical and valuation factors which affect the appraisal of 17th to 21st century Japanese prints.

Each class member will receive a seminar workbook, which includes important terms and dates, as well as a numbers guide and a reference list of useful print dealer and museum websites. Each class member will also be asked to print out in advance certain information (listing of artist names, glossaries, dimension guides, etc.) to bring to class. Information about this preparatory work as well as a general syllabus outlining the subjects introduced each day will be sent in advance to class members. There is no test at the end of the second day or required for the 15 points awarded to all class participants, but if a class member wishes to receive extra professional development credits, a test can be administered within a month after the class ends and submitted for grading. More information regarding this test option will be available during the seminar.

Seminar members will examine issues regarding important provenances, influential designers and designs, formats structures, major narratives, and condition factors, always with an eye as to how these affect valuation. How can you differentiate heroes from villains, men from women? How has the West influenced Japanese prints, and what has the West learned from those prints? Why do so many names sound alike?  How to tell, and what to do about, reproductions? When is part of a sumo wrestler’s leg just not enough?  These and many other issues will come up during class. The point of this two–day seminar (and the subsequent field trip day) is to equip appraisers with essential information including connoisseurship skills to aid in appraising Japanese prints. Students are encouraged to bring a print or two (unframed) for in-class examination.

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