Assets @ Home: Appraisal Education on Demand

Assets @ Home: Appraisal Education Delivered On Demand

While it was disappointing to cancel our 2020 annual conference in Denver, ISA is excited to offer a brand-new opportunity to experience the best of Assets in a whole new way. Assets @ Home provides key online educational sessions that illuminate the latest market trends and business practices in personal property appraising that you can incorporate into your own appraisal practice.

Assets @ Home consists of on-demand, pre-recorded sessions from speakers who were scheduled to speak at Assets 2020, available to view online at your own pace. Offers 8 Professional Development credits.


Cost: Members $275 / Non-members $350


List of Sessions:

Restitution of Nazi-Looted Art: Ethics and Methods

Elizabeth Campbell will discuss developments in the restitution of Nazi-looted art since the 1990s. Addressing legal and ethical dimensions of art restitution, she will examine persistent challenges faced by the heirs of Nazi victims, despite recent advances in provenance research methods.

Elizabeth Campbell, PhD
Professor in the Department of History and Founder of the Center of Art Collection Ethics at the University of Denver

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Road Map to Understanding Business Insurance

Contractual risks exist in virtually every business document. While it may seem like a task for your lawyer, contract analysis by an insurance expert is essential to mitigating your risk and protecting your business in the event of a loss. This session will assist you in examining the liability you assume in your business agreements and how you can avoid, lessen, and transfer it by changing contract language or your insurance coverage. Insurance and legal experts will team up on this panel to provide practical advice for you to implement.

Joy Simpson
Business Insurance, Higginbotham

Andrea M. Palmer, JD
Director of Coverage and Litigation, Higginbotham

Jamie Gregory
Markel International

Sean Buckley
Dykema DSO

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Framing Legacies: Managing Artist's Estates

A variety of estate planning issues uniquely impact visual artists. This presentation will explore relevant case law and provide helpful tips for proper planning and management. We will address a range of topics including estate and gift tax assessment, the implications of fiduciary responsibility, the calculation of blockage discounts, and the formation and operation of foundations and authentication committees. We will identify best practices for artist estate planning, as well as highlight common estate administration mistakes to avoid.

Rebecca Lockwood
Vice President of the Fiduciary Client Group, Sotheby’s

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Catalogues Raisonnés

Catalogues raisonnés are products of exceptional research and connoisseurship that serve both art history and the art market. As critically important as they are to the understanding of an artist’s body of work, they can be even more essential to the process of authentication. In this presentation, we will explore this world from the inside as we work through case studies in locating, navigating, and analyzing catalogues raisonnés.

Carl Schmitz
Art Historian, Catalogue Raisonné Scholar, Mid-Century California and New Mexico Art

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Jewels and Fashion in the Excessive Eighties and Austere Nineties

Emerging trends in fashion and jewelry point to the 1980s and 1990s as the new vintage. We dive into the evolution of jewelry design during this volatile time period by exploring art, fashion, social, and economic influences and discover who the leading designers and influencers were in Europe and the United States. Through comparing and contrasting design movements from each era, you will have enough information to comfortably date jewelry from this exciting time period. Gina will also be available to answer any questions relating to the jewelry auction market and process.

Gina D’Onofrio
Fine Jewelry Director, Heritage Auctions

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The American Avant Garde: Alfred Stieglitz's Gallery 291

The early 20th century was a period of profound technological and intellectual change. It was also a period of extraordinary transformation in art, when principles of visual representation that had remained unchallenged since the Italian Renaissance gave way to new ways of painting and seeing. While achievements of the European artists of the early 20th century have been fairly well documented, the history of 20th-century American art has yet to be adequately written. Scholars, curators, auction houses, and collectors are taking note. In this hour, Aviva will discuss the evolution of Gallery 291, and its effect on the art market both at the turn of the century, and today.

Aviva Lehman
Director of American Art, Heritage Auctions

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Artemis Testing Lab: Distinguishing Between Antiquities and Ethnographic Art

Genuine or fake? Learn how scientific testing uncovers what the naked eye can’t see. You will learn about thermoluminescence (TL) testing, used to analyze fired pottery, earthenware, and terracotta, and the casting cores of bronzes, as well as X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) testing, which is used to analyze virtually any material, but is mostly used for metal analysis and pigments.

Bob Dodge
Principal, Artemis Testing Lab

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