Representatives of our membership

As representatives of and conduits to the real world of our membership, committees serve both the members and the organization, providing a training field for future leaders and ensuring group participation in problem solving, planning, and growth.

Effective committees unify, represent, motivate, coordinate, consolidate, and most important, they communicate. They function best when their members are selected appropriately and they have a clearly defined mission, strong leadership, and competent staffing.

The Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committees

  • Offer advice and feedback, as the voice of the membership, to the Board of Directors and ISA Office staff
  • Draft and propose programs that support the goals and objectives of the Society’s strategic plan
  • Make recommendations to the board of directors
  • Work with the ISA Office staff to determine financial budget of programs
  • Work with the ISA Office staff to communicate effectively and efficiently with the membership

Are you interested in serving on an ISA Committee? Send an email to Michelle VanAlstyne at to express your interest.

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