Chapter Relations Committee


To facilitate coordination and communication between the chapters of ISA in order to help and strengthen each chapter.


  • Communicate with each chapter representative on a regular basis
  • Encourage and facilitate communication between chapters
  • Send quarterly reports to the ISA board of directors regarding the state of the chapters
  • Encourage the chapters when they need help
  • Offer advice when sought regarding chapter matters
  • Support the ISA goals, the board of directors, and the ISA Office
  • Assist the chapters in conforming to the bylaws and requirements of ISA
  • Actively encourage the growth in professionalism is ISA members
  • To assist as needed with those wishing to create new chapters

  1. Carol A. Matesic, ISA AMCarol A. Matesic, ISA AM, Chair

    JLA Treasures LLC in Dallas, TX

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