Resource Development Committee


The purpose of the Resource Development Committee is to develop relationships and ask for sponsorship funding from appraisal related businesses to support and underwrite specific projects, special programs and the annual conference. Sponsorship can be funded through ads in conference programs and related materials, traditional sponsorship levels, or funding for specific programs. Businesses involved and pursued should not be in the primary business of appraising but have clients who use appraisal services, have services that appraisers may refer clients to or educate and promote professional personal property appraisal services to the public.


  • Determine periods in which fundraising will be crucial (example-annual conference) and allowing at least 6 months prior to the event commencing with pursing fundraising activities. Setting a yearly schedule for various fundraising activities
  • Recruit ISA members for the committee with various backgrounds and contacts that can be the most successful at sales and marketing
  • Develop “living documents” of contacts that are kept up-to-date
  • Begin a sales and marketing plan directly after an annual conference geared towards the upcoming conference and specific to the upcoming host city
  • Help to develop sponsorship categories that bring corporations into the sponsoring and “member” arena that are not in the primary business of appraising to help promote ISA and its members and add to the fundraising efforts of ISA

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