The Benefits of Cloud-based Collection Management and Appraisal Software

The Benefits of Cloud-based Collection Management and Appraisal Software

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in Business Tips

By Collector Systems, ISA Affinity Business Partner

It is 2016, and technology is a key tool in how we all conduct and streamline our businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that you are actually taking advantage of the best technology that is available to you. Why not use technology to help you work smarter rather than harder? We believe that there is great potential for making cloud-based collection management and appraiser software truly work for appraisers.

In the software industry, many companies get so caught up in the constant release of new features and the use of jargon that they fail to successfully communicate to their client base – the very people who their products are designed for – what it actually is that they are doing and why. It is our responsibility, as software developers in the appraiser and collection management sphere, to communicate openly with our clients, to listen and respond to feedback, as well as to provide a first-class service.

When it comes to using technology to make our lives easier, there are two approaches: the immediate fix and the long-term solution. You can use it like a fly swatter and take care of each problem as it pops up, or you can use it to overhaul your current process and sidestep those annoying little problems altogether.

Most appraisers store information in a series of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and however many papers can fill a manila folder. When it comes to writing USPAP reports, the particulars of each case must be transferred into a pre-made template from these various sources, and the data has to be manually copied and pasted each and every time. This process is inefficient, repetitive, and subject to human error… not to mention frustration.

Take a step back, and reset the perspective.

One way to use technology to make an appraiser’s life easier is to maintain all appraisals within a single repository, ensuring that the breadth of information is organized and readily available. Of course, it helps to work in a system that is intuitively designed to suit the specific needs of an appraiser. Your appraiser software should be focused on enabling you to best manage your data and run your business to its true potential, complete with features that are useful rather than extraneous.

This is where a cloud-based collection management and appraiser system can offer a solution. Instead of segregating out the data and investing your hard work in separate resources, why not combine those resources and create the foundations of your USPAP report? Enter the object information, images, values, comparables, and all other documentation into a single program. Manage and edit all of the information as you work through your appraisal. By keeping all of your data in a single repository, you will be building your USPAP report as you go.

The ultimate aim of a good cloud-based collection management and appraiser system is to help facilitate your work. A cloud-based collection management program is operating at its best when it allows you to perform at your best. You can benefit from the many advantages of working on a cloud-based platform, which allows you to access your information from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Not only does this type of software offer an array of features to simplify, organize, and support your work, it also provide you with the opportunity to fundamentally restructure and improve workflow.

A good collection management and appraiser software program eliminates the need for the re-gathering and re-entering of information to create a USPAP report. Sit back while the software program extracts the relevant data and formats it all in a USPAP compliant report structured to your specifications – a truly customized document with personalized cover sheets, addenda, and everything in between, ready in less time than it takes to check “Create Appraisal Report” off your to-do list. The software pulls from the information you entered over the course of the appraisal and quickly performs a task you used to spend hours on.

We all understand how hard it is to reconfigure your work process in an effort to become more efficient.  However, in the long term, cloud-based collection management and appraiser software makes that transition far easier. Cloud-based collection management and appraiser software provides a platform that will help refine your business and optimize the work you put into appraising and – as we like to think of it – work smarter, not harder.

About Collector Systems: Collector Systems is the leading cloud-based software solution for appraisers, providing you with the tools you need to efficiently manage your appraisals. Upload all object information with an unlimited number of photographs and documents. Add comparables, condition reports, and more to create USPAP compliant reports for your clients. T: 212-431-0897


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